Silicone Reponse Question

So I have been yoyoing for a few months and I have been considering trying out different yoyos. But I keep stopping myself as they all different response systems.

Do most yoyos work with the YYF 19mm cbc response pads or does each manufacturer have their own specific response that is not compatible?


A lot of companies have their own specific pad sizes.

Buy a tube of flowable or RTV silicon. That’ll keep you set forever, seriously. Learn to silicone your yoyo, and you’ll never have to worry about response systems again.

Yeah, if you are worried about response types I’d highly recommend to use flowable silicone. YYE supplies some here:

Also Monkey Fingers has there own type of Flowable Silicone called Monkey snot:

The Monkey Snot page has a video up there to show you how to install it. If you need more help here is an additional Youtube video of how to install flowable silicone in general:

Personally I can tell you that if you are not gonna buy silicone, you are gonna want to buy the companies own response for their particular yoyos. Unless you know 100% that other response pads will fit and work, use the proper response. I messed up a few time there and had to buy more pads.

Do keep in mind that while many yoyos do work with RTV silicone products(that includes flowable), there are some that use thin pads and as a result, are not compatible with being siliconed.

Here’s my suggestion:

If you want it, buy it. If you want to be prepared, buy a few replacement response pad sets. At the same time, learn to silicone yoyos as it is not that difficult.

Many of the budget Chinese yoyos I have come with crappy response pads that need to be trashed and then I silicone the yoyo. Some modes, such as the RecRev Sharp, use a General Yo thin hat pad, which is too shallow to hold silicone.

Yoyos that use a sticker response(most often A and D sized bearings) are not able to really hold silicone.

If you’re not sure, if the response gap has a depth of at least 1mm, that tends to be sufficient to hold silicone.

I guess my question is what yoyos you’re thinking of. While many do use proprietary response pads, there are also many in which the material they use is superior quality and last forever.

Say, the clyw snow tires ( +c3yo pads) or the Ilyy hot red sillycone , or the flow groove which is being used by many companies, can be replaced with flowable, but also cost 2$ for 4 pads, and also last forever.
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