Kind of a noob ish question, but what is silicone response? And where can I buy it?


Well, like most things - It depends…

Some yoyos come with silicone stickers or pads. These wear out and are replaceable. Most yoyos that have silicone pads have deep enough grooves where the pads fit that you can use silicone gasket maker or flowable silicone sealant in place of the pads. You can buy this at most any auto parts or hardware store. Yoyos that use silicone stickers generally do not have deep enough grooves and you need new stickers when they wear out.


Silicone response is a ring of silicone that helps you bring the yoyo back up. There are many kinds of silicone response like soft, hard ,colored, flowable, ext. Some of the silicone response is made for specific yo-yos.


Silicone response is the stuff on the inside of your yoyo that the string grips to for it to come back to your hand. You can buy response pads for a lot of yoyos here on Yoyoexpert. You just get them, and stick them on your yoyo. Flowable silicone is silicone that is injected and left to dry compared to just sticking silicone pads on your yoyo. You can buy flowable silicone at your local auto parts store.


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A silicone response refers to the type of material being used to make the response pad inside the yoyo. It cna be a pre-made product or it can be actual some sort of silicone prouct that you can add yourself.


Okay thanks, I kind of messed up the wording, I know about the silicone stickers( I have some) and that it makes the yoyo come back up, but I was talking about the flow able silicone. Any way that was included too so thanks guys


Just because a yoyo is using a silicone response(pad), doesn’t mean that the yoyo itself is compatible with flowable silicone. The recess needs to be at least 1mm deep(I think) and a certain width(or more bt not TOO WIDE) to successfully hold silicone and be used as a response system.


Flowable silicone is exactly what the name implies, silicone that flows. It is usually clear, and assuming you have a yoyo with a recess deep enough, you would put the flowable in the recess. When it dries you would have fresh response. It is widely favored over response pads for it’s cheapness, ease of use, and the feeling it has once cured