Any help with Response Rings?


Hey guys, First post so be nice :slight_smile:

This is basically what I’m looking at right now. I dropped my protostar ( :’( ) and as I threw it after the ‘big bang’ one of the K pad’s ( Think thats what they’re called ) just kind of slipped out, after a couple seconds spinning the other sides pad just came out aswell.

Is there anyway I could just keep the pads in the yoyo, using ordinary glue or whatever I could get from a local hardware store. I live in England and nowhere near a shop that supplies anything to do with YoYo’s and would order some new pads off this website but don’t want to be out of yoyoing for a week or two.

Any advice as to fix them or just suck it up, buy some new ones and wait it out?


Well if you can get your hands on some flowable scilicone then you can make your own pads.


Would that be sold at a general hardware store? I haven’t really had time to look into different things like that, is there any upside to this other than being able to do it yourself and not waste time waiting on shipping?

Also as you can probably tell, I’m fairly new to all this. Been about 6months since I started out.


I see well its cheap and it would be sold at a hardware store i think.


Automotive store if possible.


Yeah i just read that.


Contact cement should work to put the originals back. Or as suggested - silicone.


Another advantage is that silicone will fit any shape or size, however it does take a full day to dry, and it doesn’t last very long. So in the long run your better off getting some natural, long lasting pads.


Thanks for all the help guys I bought some silicone yesterday and it’s worked perfectly.

Another question however, People say it wont last long… How long usually, 2 weeks? month+? I will probably buy some long lasting pads looking at YoYoFactory response natural pads. Would they fit my Protostar? guessing it’ll be all one size being YYF and all.


It depends on how you play and how much and the string. In my DM2, under heavy play, flowable silicone about a month, but that’s sufficient for my needs and I don’t mind siliconing my yoyos. With a smoother string, I can get more time between jobs. Red, blue and black gasket making silicone tend to last longer but have different performance characteristics. Red and blue are more popular. It comes down to feel and preferences.

I feel that nearly any YYF pad will fit most YYF yoyos. The natural pads should fit.

Remember, there’s no “right” answer. If you like pre-made pads, in the long run it will cost you more, but you should go longer between needing to replace the response pads. This is assuming the yoyo is compatible with a silicone solution. Silicone solutions vary depending on the stuff you choose to use. Ultimately, I prefer flowable silicone mostly because I don’t want to be dependent on pads from a third party for my yoyos whenever possible. It’s also impossible to deny the convenience and instant results from pre-made pads. Whatever way you choos to go, make sure you choose performance first. If you’re happy with pre-made response pads, then use them. If you’re satisfied with silicone solutions, then stick with it, as any added efforts will be worth it.

I do try to have some response pads around. Good for just in case. For the most part though, the only part I dislike is that flowable silicone takes 24 hours to cure fully. So, I try to do my silicone jobs on Thursdays so they are ready for the weekend. This is mostly because I have to do this late at night(say, after 10PM), so anything done on Thursday is unplayable Friday, but good to go Saturday morning. Just in time for meets and outings!


Thanks for the response, Think I’ll just buy a couple different sets over a month or so and just see which I like the most, starting with the new silicones that I’ve just put in.