Silicone brake pads?



The brake pads on my YYF Replay Pro just peeled out and I was looking to buy some new ones. I noticed the price on them and they are quite pricey to replace every few weeks or so.

I’ve heard you can use Flowable Silicone for response pads? Is it possible to use silicone on the Replay Pro?

Any information would be helpful.



Yes and you don’t have to replace ever few weeks I have a replay pro and have not replaced pads in 3 months


Really…so maybe something else happened like lube got in there.

So will silicone work or is it worth the cost of replacing them?


I would do silicone if your willing to work if not do pads because you can’t play with yoyo for at least two hours with silicone but with pads it might take days to break them in

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a set of pads should last a long time. As long as both sides are clean before application, they should hold on. You should be able to use flowable silicone to make your own if you want.


Um… may I ask what kind of silicone you are using? Whatever it is, it must dry really fast.


Well I don’t know the name but my dad gets it from hardware store now others do take longer my monkey snot takes at least a day to be sure


You should find out the name of it! :slight_smile: If it really can dry in a few hours, I want to try it!


K I think it’s something for windows he gets a lot of different types for like 3 dollars not only they I do keep a fan on them it works great for yoyos


I would like to know to.

Thanks for the info everyone.


It’s casket Flowable silicone, i bought mine in auto zone, yye used to sell it or maybe they still do if you want to check. I recommend pads because it’s far more convenient and Flowable silicone I found myself using it only when I wanted to replace the response pads for all my yoyos. the silicone didn’t last very long for me when I stored it. Flowable silicone is about $7 and requires more work and in some cases it lasts as long or shorter than pads.


I only use flowble silicone. Use red gasket MAKER (not gasket sealing). It takes about 24 hours to dry. I’ve been doing it about about 6 months, and I’m still on my first tube. I can do it so there’s no mess and the pads work great.


I believe it’s gasket, or is this a mortuary related product? :wink:


lol, just noticed it.