Silicone into Monster or other YYF

<sub></sub>[i]Is it possible to do flowable silicone into a YYF Monster or other yoyos that use the CBC Slim Pad response pads? I know the Monster doesn’t come with flowable silicone, but is the recess the same size as other companies that use flowable silicone? I’m about to buy a Monster so I can have a wide throw, but I just want to make sure I can use flowable silicone after the stock pads wear out.

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Yes you can.

The only question is how long the pads will last. Not sure how long it’ll last but it can take it.

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yeah, pretty much anything can take silicone. Only exceptions I know of are sticker recessed duncan yoyos. On those, the recess is too shallow, and the silicone rips out in a few minutes.

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Not sure how long the silicone will last? I just don’t want to sili the Monster just to have it rip out in a week or not last as long as the pads lol.

It will last more then a week, if you do it properly. I siliconed my popstar ( same size recess as monster) and I’ve already had it in for a month.

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Yes, like everybody has said, it will work. Just be sure to take your time and don’t rush the silicone job. The only yoyos that I know of that won’t take flowable is the duncan yoyos, and yyr yoyos with the really shallow response area.

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How often do you throw?

Silicone lasts quite a while. I think I replace mine every 2 or 3 months. And I play for at least 2-3 hours a day.

That will work then because I yoyo about that much depending on my work schedule.

Pick up a tube of RTV at your local Wal Mart. It is the same as Flowable it’s just not…flowable. It’s a good thing to learn though. You’ll be siliconing your yoyo’s quite a bit. It’s more ideal to use silicone because of it’s availability, longevity, and low price compared to constantly buying pads.

There are numerous tutorials online to show you how to silicone your yoyo. You will experience a bit of responsiveness until you break it in. This is normal.

About 2 hours everyday. I’m obsessed! 8)