Making response pads?

How would I make response pads with the sticker back like irpad and OD silicone pad

I’m not sure how to get the sticky back but I use flowable silicon and it works fine. My friend got monkey snot though and it was horrible. regular flowable silicon is way better than monkey snot there is a couple good videos on how to do it.

I know about flowable silicon and I love it a lot it saves so much money but I was wondering because I can’t really think of how they do it

Oh… I see. :thinking: yeah that is a good question. One drop is extremely good about answering questions though I’m sure they could tell you if you emailed them. Let us know what they say :wink:

I just used MonkeySnot on every throw I own. (15 or so throws and 2 tubes with some to spare) and it is EXCELLENT. Maybe your friend got an older batch, a stale one, or possibly from back before they changed their packaging.

Id give all my recommendations to MonkerFingeR. I might advise going direct though, to ensure its fresh and yummy. Should be like a slightly thicker elmers/white glue. Self leveling, eye popping colors, Im a big fan. It felt weird pulling out all those snow tires, but the play!! Glad i took the time to flow em. I doubt ill go back to stickers. Not that there was anything wrong with them, they are fast and convenient, but i love having color choices.

As far as making sticky pads? No idea. Silicone sheets in the exact right thickness, perfectly cut die punches, and something like 3M to treat them? Or perhaps they buy sheets of pre formed silicone and pre stickied, and then they punch it? I dunno.

Yeah or maybe he just sucks at siliconing his yoyos :yum:. Lol this would be much better if he looks at this post. lol.

Permatex or how ever you spell it is the best. It peels off with no mess and binds like a champ. And you get four times the amount compaired to snot. Down fall is its clear. If you want to be fabulous and pretty go for monkey snot. Monkey snot binds awesome but is a pain in the *** to clean out of the groove.

If the groove is clean before application, you would be correct as it holds like the dickens. It is a bit difficult to get it all out when need be, but with the use of my string picking needle, and a stiffer brush with 90% rubbing alcohol made relativity short work of it. Just a few minutes on each half and ready to re-flow. The first time it took like an hour! but the brush/90% worked very well.

Jajajaja you jerk Tobi.

I got the baby pink monkey snot flowable silicone. After they did the New packaging, got it from Yoyoexpert. I liked how it broke in, and how it played in all my yo-yos, but, I followed the directions TO THE T, let em setup for over 24 hours actually. But, they never lasted nearly long enough. Probably a quarter of the time that any YYF sticker pads would last. They just dried up, cracked, and ripped out. I did it on all my yo-yos, poored pads probably 15 times.

I liked how they played, just never lasted long. If they lasted longerthe mess would be worth it.

Colors are nice but I’m not really going to pay attention to the color of my response pads when I’m yoyoing. Plus flowable tends to last longer than monkey snot in my experience.

I personally prefer to go bulk on pads though. They last a lot longer, you don’t have to wait 24 hours, and you just put them in quick and easy.

Ya that’s what I mean all that little stuff. I just can’t stop using the clear. Old school I guess :slight_smile:


I dont know how long it lasts, Ill let you know how it rolls. :slight_smile:

I do not know what yoyos you are applying it to but I have never had much luck with the yoyos that use the 19mm slim pad. The Grove is not big enough. It work for awhile but then does as you say, falls apart.

I suspect that this will be the case with the Valkyrie, but the Caribous i think will be fine. :slight_smile:

Absolutely I silicone all my clyw’s :slight_smile:

Deep and wide. like a good conversation.

So I just sent the one drop guys an email so hopefully they reply back soon ! :blush:

There are number of people on another forum who have made response pads using sticky back paper and either hot glue or a plastidip type product. Problems that they have encountered are getting a uniform thickness and having a reliable, somewhat easy means of cutting them. Once upon a time people also used bath tub treads cut to shape.

So the guys at one drop said that they have a company that does it and they have a machine that dies and cuts them and puts them in to a mold