Skywalker Problem

Hey, I got a b grade Skywalker in a trade, and the silicone is becoming snaggy, and catching on a double or nothing. It isnt responsive in any way, just snags when i go into any trick, braintwister or Yuuki slack. I think it may be a problem with the silicone. Could i put YYG C sized Silicone pads in? Sorry for the other store reference, Just for clarification on size, etc.

Silicone your yoyo.

Trust me man. Me + silicone= No more Speeder…

Say what?

I screwed up my old speeder trying to silicone it. And my FH2010…

Well, we learn from our mistakes.

Silicone is undoable.

So you cant silicone those?

you can… i don’t know what mi meant… i siliconed my dm perfectly (version one, it uses the same response as the speeder)

Mi meant that you can remove silicone, or “undo it”.

Sure, you can silicone them.

ohhhh i see

I know you can remove it, and i did, but it was just responsive. Like, tug. The FH2010 wouldnt come back, no matter what. No response, period. Binds wouldnt work, nothing. And im not going to practice on my favorite yoyo…

lol, did you remove the bearing when you sili’d them? did you get even the slightest amount of sili n the spacer or bearing seat? did you properly clean up the yoyo before putting the guts back together and throwing it? Try revising all of those things and perhaps you will figure out what you did wrong.

Yes, i removed the bearing.
No, I didnt get any in the seat. Nothing in the spacers either.
No, I didnt clean the bearing, but I did let it sit overnight.
I dont know, i think i just cant do silicone. Ill get some hat pads, throw them in there, and call it good. ;D

i dont know how deep the skywalker groove is, but hatpads dont always fit.

I talked to Heath, and he said hatpads worked best. Ill try them and see how i like them, Ive never used them before.

in that case, they will rock your world…