Siliconing maverick?


Ok guys, I was thinking of making my maverick unresponsive with flowable silicone. Ok. Ive seen many videos on how to do it, but I have a few questions. After I do it and wait 24 hours and everything, if I do it wrong, can I take out the silicone and redo it? And If I play with it for a long time will it wear out?


Yes to both, if you mess it up somehow you can wait untill it dries and take it out and redo it. It will also wear out eventually like any other response pad.


Ok. Do you think that i should do it? To make it unresponsive?


If you want it to be unresponsive than yeah, it’s your yoyo. :slight_smile:


Oo and if it works well should I do it on my protostar? Just to save money on pads?


You can silicone a Maverick but I believe it has an unusual bearing seat set-up, so it may be a little different to that seen in most of the videos guides. Don’t let this deter you, just make sure you know what to do before you start.


Ok. Actually one of the vids I watched was for dash/maverick.


I should just put it where the pads are right?


Can i silicone a FHZ so it can be unresponsive? I havent siliconed my maverick yet by the way.


no the response is too shallow, you ethier need to mod it accept sili or buy sili stickers.


I know this is an old thread, but i thought that i have been making way too many threads so I’ll just ask my question in this one. Can I silicone my yoyojam journey? If i do, what hapoens?


And can you guys give me an email adress to contact yomega so that I can ask them if siliconing my yomega maverick works?


you can silicone the journey since the response is deep enough


You don’t need to contact Yomega about doing sili work on the maverick. I know YoTricks has a tutorial about it. In fact, you can find it

And anyway, there’s not much to worry about if you mess up on the maverick considering its relatively cheap and can be found in Toys R Us, unless of course it has sentimental value. But that’s just my two cents


Yeah it has absolutely no sentimental value. I’m just going to go ahead and do it. Should I leave the spacers in, or take them out as I do it?


O wair i just watched the video and I don’t have a clean bearing. Oh well.


I don’t really want to watch the video because I’m lazy lolol ;D
But if you mean the bearing platform/rest, whatever, the silver area where you put the bearing on, he keeps it in and use some part as a reference, just be careful about it. He says the reason why


The silicone in my protostar randomly fell out, so I redid it. I feel like it is 10 times better now than the first silicone job I did. I guess I did something wrong last time.


You put a bit of sili in, replace the spacers, then continue finishing the job. And there’s almost no way you can ruin a metal yoyo with a sili job. Worst case scenario: it’s unplayable for 24 hours while it cures, you did it wrong or don’t like the results, and you remove the silicone to start again. Also as a side note; yyj silicone o rings fit the maverick, as do the yomega yo mod response systems. The yyj o rings don’t give the best bind IMO. But a mix of one o ring and one stock response works alright. The yomega yo mods response systems also work with the old maverick. I use the pro speed (black) silicone response from yomega. They’re available around, theyre cheap. If you can’t ind the message me.


I actually already have all 3 of them. They ate horrible. Ill try that.