help getting my maverick unresponsive

hi everyone i am looking for help on my yomega maverick. I want to know a way how to make it unresponsive. besides cleaning the bearing. i have trided this and it worked for about 15 min. and also how to creat longer spin time. thanks

Take out the rubber pad s the responce and silcone it. For the spin time you a lube it with thin lube and break it in.

Silicone doesn’t = unresponsive and rubber doesn’t = responsive. Lubing does not increase spin time, and actually does the opposite, however so slightly.

Why do you want it unresponsive? I’m not saying you can’t, but I just don’t see any need for you to mess with it. It’s totally up to you though.

You could try shimming it or just keep playing with it and it could probably break in and be unresponsive again.

okay well thanks but i want it unresponsive because i am now getting into more advanced yoyo tricks and its starting to become a problem

You didnt clean the bearing properly in my opinion. It should be unresponsive with a dry bearing. It will become responsive if you dont dry it properly or crap gets in it while youre playing.

Any, and I mean any, trick can be done with a responsive yoyo. Unresponsive yoyos are never needed. Just sayin’.


i just cleanded my bearing agian today and it did the same thing. and yes u can do alot of tricks with a responsive yoyo. but not all wips ecspesially

Just get a YYE bearing, they come pre cleaned so that means unresponsive of of the box.

okay thankyou i might get that or the ten ball

Cleaning it twice incorrectly isn’t the same as cleaning it once correctly. Walk us through exactly what you are doing.
And that is wrong. Any trick can be done on a responsive yoyo, including whips.

Though it is dumb and unrecommended since you can injure yourself. Ape you should know better.

I do whips on responsive yoyos all the time?


Oh and please change the title to something related to the topic. Something like “need help making my Maverick unresponsive” would be good.

okay hears what i did soaked it in mineral spirits and shaked it for about ten min. then i took it out put a drop of yoyojam lube on it. put it on a pecil and spun the bearing till it was dry. then put the c ring a pluns back on

A drop is too much. Andre puts a drop with the bearing shield on because most of it flies off rather than makes it through the shield. :stuck_out_tongue: You barely need a noticeable amount. Just dampen the dip of a toothpic and put some on one ball then spin the bearing.

I wouldn’t worry about too much lube. Just put a drop in and play with it.

Hey Apetrunk you can tell that to my mom when she saw a bruise on my hand.

Thanks YYJ. Thats my point. Responsive string tricks and stuff are able to be done when you can do them comfortably and do not mind injury. Just because Ape can do them and not get hurt doesnt mean a 12-15 year old can do them or should be told to do them with a responsive yoyo. Thats pretty bad advice in my opinion.

But thats just me and that is the last I’l touch on it.

It just means you did it wrong. Not trying to be mean, but it’s the truth. And I’m not saying everybody has the skill and practice necessary to do whips and those things on responsive yoyo.

If you thought I meant that anybody could do them, I’m sorry for not being clear enough. However, I didn’t tell you that you had to go play responsive, just that it could be done.