Yet another yomega maverick topic

I have many expensive throws in my collection and now I’m looking for a beater and an inexpensive throw to be able to take with me anywhere without the fear of dings or losing it.

I’ve seen that Yomega have redone the maverick with a c sized bearing. The only question is: Is it possible to make the Maverick completely unresponsive?

Everyone says that when stock, the bearing is jammed full of grease and that it’s overly responsive. Is this something that just cleaning the bearing will solve or will I have to change the response? Even though the response has now been changed to a silicone recess.

Mine doesn’t have recessed silicone response, but it can still be made unresponsive. There are videos out there. Clean bearing, recessed silicone; should be unresponsive!

Or, you can watch all those videos and think to yourself (like I did), “You know what? Throwing responsive is cool, too.” :wink:

the maverick is one of my favorite throws. no mods. it has very low response. love everything about it.

Clean the bearing is all that’s required. Most of the initial response of a yoyo is in the bearing.

And the gap.

Sorry, but the bearing is the primary thing affecting the response. I have a YYJ matrix w/a clean bearing that is very unresponsive.

I have a Raider… Starburst response, pretty narrow gap. And it’s UNresponsive as heck! So I’m agreeing with jhb8426 here… If the string doesn’t start to “chase” in order to snag on the response, a narrow gap still isn’t going to be the primary factor.

I agree.

Someone in the chat said responsiveness is all about the gap. Unless 4a doesn’t pertain to this…

I wanted to make a Flying Panda super responsive, the key was to make the gap smaller.

I made the gap small and took out the friction stickers and BAM! Super responsive.

To prove this is true, I clean my offstring yoyo bearings and ad thin lube.

I don’t know, if it can become unresponsive with a bearing cleaning then OK! Go for it! :wink:

I do agree but I think sometimes it does effect responsiveness. “Sometimes”

The older Maverick was the first yoyo I ordered. I still love the thing.
Clean the bearing, remove the rubber response, and let the silicone flow. You will not be disappointed.

The Dash and Maverick use the same spacer / response system.

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The new Maverick is soooooo easy to be made unresponsive; swap the junk Yomega c bearing for new and or clean concave (or flat if u like them better) C size bearing from any company other than Yomega. That should do the trick; if not you can replace the flush silicone stickers w/ ‘flowable’ silicone (Monkey Snot is what I recommend) use a flat card of some sort and scrape the excess off after filling the response grooves leavening it slightly recessed rather than flush and let dry for 12 hrs min. If you still wanna go farther into unresponsiveville use a tightly wound & thin string. I recommend Chaos String Blend 44 as they are tight and thin. Doing any or especially all will make your maverick 110% unresponsive. I promise.

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