Need Help - Maverick Response

I have been yo-yoing off and on for nearly 20 years, however I grew up with responsive yo-yos, for example, the Yomega X-Brain and Duncan Butterfly, therefore I have practiced a lot more looping than I have string tricks. Recently I decided to delve back into yo-yoing and now touching up on string tricks. Since most of my yo-yos are nearly completely responsive, I decided to order a budget yo-yo with a gift card I had laying around.

I decided to go with the Yomega Maverick. I chose this yo-yo because I am very familiar with the Yomega Brand, and I wanted a metal throw that was within the price limit of my gift card, otherwise I would have went with a DV888. I have seen and read quite a few reviews on this yo-yo and there seems to be a lot of mixed feelings for this particular throw. I like the Maverick, but mine particular on the other hand seems to be performing a lot more awkward than what I have seen with others. Most of the reviews I have seen showed this yo-yo as being pretty responsive but still decent for tricks. Mine however… is backwards. Mine is completely unresponsive (Requiring a bind return) and then turning aggressively responsive the second it lands a trapeze mount.

Now, with the knowledge I have, I know some yo-yos need a break in period and/or some modding in order for the yo-yo to perform to the expectations of some, however I am completely at a loss of what to do with my Maverick right now, therefore I am looking for some recommendations from some who is more familiar with bearing yo-yos than I am.

I should also mention that this C Bearing is turning a little slow, and its only sleeping a little longer than a clutch system, perhaps because of the factory lube? I am going to clean the bearing and add thin lube and I have already changed out the cotton string for a custom polyester string. this should take care of the sleeping time, but it’s the responsiveness that I am worried about. Should I upgrade the pads or should I let it break in a little bit before doing so?

Any other recommendations as well are welcomed. (Other than just buying a new yo-yo, because quite frankly I can’t afford it, or I would buy a few have my eye on.)

If the yoyo feels unresponsive on a throw and requires a bind to return, my guess is that it’s your throw on the trapeze that is causing it to snap back on a trapeze.

Yes, clean the bearing and lube very lightly, if at all. Lube will slow it down.