A Weird Situation

Like the title says, I have a weird situation. I just started yo-yoing about 5-6 days ago with a Yomega Maverick. It doesn’t have the best sleep time, but it has enough to get me through some string tricks. However, I wanted a throw with a good sleep time, so I ordered a YYF Stackless Grind Machine. I got it within a few days and started throwing it. I noticed that it was incredibly unresponsive, I couldn’t get the yo-yo up to my hand without tugging it so hard it came up to head height and finally grabbed the string, albeit poorly. I’ve been throwing it non-stop for 2 days now, and it hasn’t got any better. Is there any way to make it a little more responsive so it will return with a tug? And no, I don’t know how to bind yet, but I am learning.

Put a drop of oil in the bearing.

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Sorry to ask, but what kind of oil? Just regular oil?

Or learn how to bind, it’s what the unresponsive yoyo require to get them back up, I recommend that start to bind and then you can learn all your beginner tricks. You’ll be a much better player faster if start with learning how to bind unresponsive yo yos first instead of starting with responsive play :)! Best part is once you learn a beginner trick chances are you’ll be able to do it 5 more times with the unresponsive yo yo because of the increases spin time! Good luck and happy yo yoing :)!

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I have already learned beginner tricks. I’ve learned the entire Beginners section and the up to the atomic bomb on the Intermediate section. My bind is just a little confused right now ha. But thanks.

This is a false statement.

By the way, there’s nothing weird with your situation at all. It’s just an unresponsive yo-yo. Also, I think you are ready to learn how to bind now, considering you are on the intermediate section of this site. Keep throwing, and don’t get frustrated! Trust me, binding took me a while to get down…

And for the oil: you can use thick lube made for yo-yos, or any 3-in-1 oil.

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If he already knew how to throw a yo yo and already do some basic tricks, I was just saying that you would progress little bit better going to unresponsive play, but your absolutely right if he was just starting ;)!

Ahh, ok then. You were correct in that case. :slight_smile:

if u dont have oil a bit of vaseline should work or order a half spec bearing .