I just got a new yyf whip and it is unresponsive. How can i make it responsive since im a begginer.

put thick lube in it.

Lube the bearing.

Gun lube, fishing reel lube, instrument oil, 3-in-1 all work fine if you don’t have any yoyo lube.
YYJ thin lube will not make it more responsive. YYJ thick or yomega brain lube will.

You can get the same thing as yomega brain lube at Radio Shack or the hardware store:
It’s a synthetic, teflon based lube Made by Synco, sold under the Radio Shack Label. Sold under their own label it’s known as Synco Super Lube.


I’m going to say:

Buy a ONE and get started. Then you can swap bearings later on. Keep the Whip, you’ll like it once you can bind.

Seems to me It would take less time to learn a basic bind then to change a bearing.

I agree. Shipping can take a few days and most can learn to bind in that time. BUT, I’m thinking more along the lines of user feeling a but less inconvenienced and building confidence by getting a responsive yoyo and going for a tug return to start off with. It’s frustrating when you have to do something else to finish your truck at this stage of the game. I know if I started unresponsive, I would have quit right away and moved onto something else.

No, I was thinking minutes. Taught a Hooters girl to bind with a Lyn Fury and one of my bearings in it. Took as long to show her to wind it up.

Took me 15 min to learn.

I’m going to go against the grain here and say that there is no need to learn to bind. Lube the bearing and make it how you want it.

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You know, I was gonna ask why you’re showing a Hooters girl how to bind. Then the question is “Uh, why are you even going to Hooters…” but I figured I should just “let this one slide”.

It took me a couple of days to learn to bind. No help other than videos. The YYE video wasn’t working for me, I just wasn’t getting it. I had to go to ReThinkYoYo to get this one down. THEN the YYE videos here started to click on that topic. But yeah, with some guidance, I can totally see binding being easy to do faster.

Well, my only problem with that is just later on once he does learn to bind or wants longer spin times. Other than that, sure, why not. It does work and it can work quite well. So, if he’s gonna go this route, he should:

1: Get YYJ Thin and thick lube. Use the thick lube, then when you’re ready to bind, use the thin lube. The thin lube breaks down thick lube.(not the other way around).

2: Learn to clean bearings. I don’t want that much lube, broken down or not, in a bearing. I’d rather clean out the thick lube using mineral spirits, then properly dry it and then either run it dry or lightly lubed with thin lube. I always prefer using a tiny bit of lubrication.

I can bring back almost any yoyo with a really hard tug. BUT, I do not recommend this as you get a nasty wind and it can sometimes knot up. Just because I CAN do it doesn’t mean I SHOULD do it.

took me longer to learn how to get the shields off than it took me to learn to bind so lube is a bad idea but something that will work is if you take the bearing and drop it into some orange juice or soda it will get in the bearing and make it all stick it will make the sleep time like 20 seconds but it will be responsive.

best bet though is just learn to bind or buy a responsive yoyo they are cheap because there for people who are new to throwing and noobs arent going to want to pay alot for a yoyo

Kids, don’t try this at home. :wink:

Why go to Hooters and teach a girl to yoyo?
Geezz… I don’t know…

You my friend, are a genius

Considering I am catching crap from my wife for participating on a web forum… I’m pretty much restricted in what I can do.

One of my main clients, all my contacts are women. My wife constantly gives me crap for that. In fact, today I am installing 4 channelized T1 data circuits and configuring the CSU/DSU and modem banks associated with those AND the router/bridge card. And there will be MORE women involved.

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Paranoia. It’s fun.

Attractive. Intelligent. Sane. Pick 2. You ain’t getting all 3.

Enough said.



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