I am having trouble learning the basic bind!

I do not understand how the videos make it look so easy. When I do get it to bind it snaps up so fast most of the time I cannot catch it! Any advice would be appreciated. What is the best “bind teaching” video out there?

In my opinion the bind is a massive mile stone in the yoyoing learning curve. It took me quite a while to learn. Don’t get too discouraged :slight_smile: I’m not too great at explaining stuff but if possible if you want to post a video, that could be helpful with attempting to help! :slight_smile:

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I always end up putting some lube in just to have fun with my throws. I will keep practicing!

The lube is probably what makes it come back so fast and hard. Lube makes a yoyo responsive. Binds are meant for unresponsive yoyos.

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AHH! So it should be totally unresponsive before I even consider trying to bind. I will clean the lube out of one of them and use it for practice.

Yep. That should save some on the knuckles. :smiley:

Very much this. :slight_smile:

Are you trying the basic front bind ? If it snaps back fast it sounds like you are throwing it really hard and then binding it up. The yoyo doesn’t have to be cooking that fast to bind up. Do a good medium throw and then try it. It will bind up more slowly, even if it is playing somewhat responsive.

Ummm, he lubes his yoyo. Case closed… :wink:

It is possible to bind a completely responsive yoyo. Practice lots. Enjoy.

Of course it is. But what’s the point?
I s’pose it looks cool.

The way I always teach my friends, once you get into the position, just pinch the string with your left hand, then you’ll feel it catch. Just get used to that feeling

Of your using thick lube that may be the problem

I am not using “thick” lube…just a drop or 2 of thin lube to make it a little more responsive.

Clean the bearing and try it w/o lube. Then let us know the result as that may well verify if it’s the lube or some other issue.

You can find info on cleaning the bearing here if you need it:
Useful modification & maintenance guides - Axles,Clean, repair, tune, fix yoyos

Another thing to consider when you bind, that bit of string that’s being fed into the yoyo…works best when that “tail” is shorter otherwise you get a sloppy bind that seems to jump up to you quickly…I’ve also had binds where that tail was sticking out and would whip around slapping my hand. I dubbed it the “Weed Whacker” as it seems to behave like one complete with a stinging slapping sensation.

Good luck with the bind!

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Any amount of lube will make certain yoyos responsive. Bail the lube.

Ok…can’t “responsiveness” have different levels? All my yoyos have varying degrees of responsiveness. If I let someone I trust try one (friends who have never used a bearing style yoyo), they cannot get any of them to return. So it is completely unresponsive to them.
Is not, doing the regular tug, somehow creating a bind in the string?
I will keep playing and practicing and also using different thickness strings…I will get this. Many Thanks for the replies!

Again - Clean the bearing and play it that way. Then get back to us with the results.

Ok I will shut up and practice