Newbie questions

Hey there
I started yoyoing in IRAQ to calm the nerves (just looping tricks) and about a year ago I got couple yoyos for string tricks ( I have a Heavy hyper warp wing, and a Renegade.) I can’t get them to sleep very long, and they are a little too responsive for me to do tricks. So I ordered the Legacy. I was practicing binds with my other two, and they did fine (being responsive and all). But I haven’t been able to bind the Legacy at all- when I let go of the loop it slides down to the end of the string and laughs at me ;D Any suggestions? I am web-taught so I don’t have someone telling me what i am doing wrong.

Next, When i do the Double or Nothing, the yoyo doesn’t always necesarily land on the front string. I realize I am not the most ccordinated person in the world, but is there a way to “aim” that I may not get? I have been pretty diligent about practicting landing the trapeze and the double or nothing, but the results aren’t there.

Last question- I had put a double loop on my first two yoyos- is this why they are too responsive? and do i need to do that with the Legacy?
Thanks, Lorax

For the second question, it took me 2 weeks to get a double or nothing, but eventually you will get it.

3rd Question: this is not why it is responsive, it is because there is lube on your bearing, if you want it to become un-responsive for more high end tricks, clean the bearing (check youtube for tutorials) or just play with them alot, it will soon wear off

well how I do a bind is I just get into a trapeze and swing the yoyo to the outside of my non-throw hand. Its kinda like doing a double on trapeze but missing the sting. Then you just let the loop go and it should come right back.

As for yore second question. Try landing the the yo as close as you can to your finger. Also when the yoyo gos around your finger the first time try to aim at the base of your finger that is closest to your palm. And as it comes around again to land try to aim the sting to hit your first knuckle. Also make sure you fingers are level as possible. All these three added together should help.

And your final question. If you string is double wrapped on the bearing it will make it a bit slower and more responsive. Also as wilba said that there might be thick lube in the bearing. To get rid of it you can buy some yoyojam thin viscosity lube from here if you like. It should break down the thick lube, and if you want to get rid of all the lube completely try soaking the bearing in some lighter fluid or finger nail polish remover. Any paint thinner works great to. But after you do this make sure you get all the lube remover out of the baring. To do this just rap it up in a paper towel, washcloth or tissue paper it necessary. But i strongly suggest getting some thin lube. if your bearing is dry (no lube at all) it might were out faster and become useless. If you can’t get any thin lube cooking oil works fine although it is a bit thicker that thin lube. another thing that helps is sting size. If you have a thicker sting it will be more responsive. I believe the string sizes are 6, 8, 9,10. To learn binds easier type 8 sting is good for learning. But if you want it to spin better get type 6 its for unresponsive play. I hope this helps you in any way. Later and remember keep it spinning.

I back Robert all the way. I, however, bind from a front mount. You can do it pushing into the string or pulling back on it. After it is mounted just throw the loop into the yoyo but… at the same time pull up on your throw hand. This will cause the loop to “bind” or almost knot your string causeing the yoyo to return to your hand.

Are you talking about a brain twister bind? Yes you can do that one if you really can’t get the trapeze one down. Just go into a brain twister mount and trow the loop into the gap and pull up on your throw hand.(Note: this may bind it to much an may get a knot.) So be carefuller when you throw. Later and remember keep it spinning.

you’d think after a hundred throws, or so, I’d figure it out. Trying the different techniques, I have gotten it to bind a few times, but no matter how hard the sleeper is, when the yoyo starts to cach it slows down so much it won’t come up. I did figure out my original problem was that I was throwing the loop with the spin instead of against it. The video on this site really helps, but I still suck :smiley: Is the legacy’s response system more difficult to learn with than some of the other styles? To see Andre do it like second nature makes me feel pretty inept.

So I can give you an answer for second question.I had the same problem,but then I’ve found the desision.When yo-yo is doing first round aroun your pointers try to land the string on "back"part of your pointers and when it is time yo-yo to land on the string try to get the stiring over your "front"part of your pointer.So it will be easier to aim.
P.S. After I found this way it took me 1 hour to get double of triple or nothing.

Is there any mods I can do to make this yoyo more repsonsive? This is ridiculous.

Anybody wnt to buy a yoyo?

As I posted in an earlier post, I had the same problem with my Legacy, I found it to be crazy unresponsive. I could hardly get it to spin, and binding was just not possible. I then realized that the reason it was mad unresponsive was that the pads (though not apearing loose) still had the protective paper attached, enabling them to rotate. So I had to remove the pads gently with a needle, peel of the paper, and put them back in. Now it plays like a dream.

What yo-yo is it?
Applying thick lube to the bearing will slow it down and make any yo-yo unresponsive:

Zavod- You Rock! What an enormous difference. I too wonder why the paper was left on. Was it an oversight, or was it meant to make to that much more unresponsive? Has anyone asked Yoyojam yet? To be honest, I would have never known to remove the paper backing, so thanks alot.

YoYoexpert- as stated above it is a Legacy. I haven’t gotten any thin lube yet, so it doesn’t have any lube that didn’t come on the bearing. I am hearing the bearing “rattle” a bit, does that mean they don’t have enough lube?

Glad I could help. I hardly think the paper is supposed to be there, probably some oversight. You shouldn’t worry about the bearing making some noice, if you put some thick yyj lube in there it might help noicewise, but that allso means more responce.

Okay, so I wrote this email a month and a half ago, and with all my efforts, I can bind once in 10 to 15 tries. I am planning on putting flowable silicone in it. Has any one else tried this with their legacy? I know it works with the other yoyos, so hopefully I will be able to bind on a regular basis. Just wondering, before a cross the point of no return, so to speak.

Lorax –

I am trying to learn how to bind, too. It is way frustrating. I can do a front mount bind, maybe 75% of the time. That is an improvement, though. At first, I could do maybe one in ten. A week or so later, now I’m a little better. Forget about the one you hit from a trapeze (where you flip from a trapeze around your finger to hit it from below – undermount??). I can only hit that one once in a while.

These binds are an entirely new thing for me. The last time I got into yoyoing there was no such thing as an unresponsive yoyo. Now it’s like learning all over again.

Best I can suggest is to keep practicing and remember that you are not the only one struggling with this…

BTW, thank you for your service in Iraq. We all owe you a debt of gratitude.