I can't get it up!

That title could be taken a few ways but I assure you I am only talking about my yoyo’s :slight_smile:

So, I have a velocity that I can get to sleep and come back just fine while it’s adjusted a little tighter. But with my Dark Magic and YYJ Legacy I have a really tough time. I can get them to come back if I throw it REALLY hard but when I try to do a trick like brain twister or trapeze it just wont come back. Not sure what I’m doing wrong…any pointers?

It takes something called a bind which you can learn here.

Ok cool I saw that but in some of the lessons like http://yoyoexpert.com/learn/018-intermediate-man-flying-trapeze.html he seems to get it to return without a bind?

He is using the thin bearing so it is responsive. If you want it to be responsive you can buy yoyojam thick lube or even a lot of thin lube will help. I think you should get both thick and thin, one for responsive and one when you learn how to bind.

Good luck with the binds and welcome to the world of yoyo! p.s. thank gawd ur talking about the yoyo

What’s the thin bearing? Is that something you can buy?

a bearing is the place that you put your string to, if you unscrew your yoyo you can see something that is round like a wheel, and can spin too. yes you can buy a bearing .

The thin bearing wasn’t offered as an option at that time - he was using an original Dark Magic with the gap closed to the tightest setting with the bearing thick lubed. But applied to today’s setups it would be roughly the equivalent to a Dark Magic II with a lubed thin bearing. Just for clarification’s sake.

simply learn binding. if you cant bind, in general, most tricks here are almost impossible

Oops forgot he was using a Dark Magic not a dm2 :-[.

Yup. Its bind. Responsiveness can be most easily acheived with thick lube.

Are you using a DM2 or DM? For a DM, learning bind would be more ideal because binding is one of the most important thing to master. Most yoyo’s in this world are unresponsive.

The thin bearing makes the gap small, having the response system to have more friction with the string causing responsiveness.

Either a DM or DM2, I totally recommend bind, it’s hard to play an advanced yoyo without a bind.

I agree

Ok thanks guys…off to learn binding :slight_smile:

When I read this topic…I just…never mind…

Well, I have a question then.

Before starting down intermediate tricks, should I learn to bind?

I accidentally set my DM2 to have a wider gap because I didn’t tighten it down enough, and was throwing sleeper after perfect sleeper. Then one of my dogs went by and killed the yoyo at the bottom of the sleeper while I was timing it(my pugs do not like sharing their time with me with a yoyo). Anyhow, since i had to wind it back up, I noticed it was loose, tightened it up and my throw kinda went backwards.

Also, in regards to that, regarding the breakaway, is he using his yoyo super responsive? I’ve got my DM2 on the thin bearing and thin lube and it’s not consistently coming back properly. For example I can usually get the first toss to come back with a decent wind. Second throw, not a neat wind and not a full wind. Third throw, it usually just sorta comes back falling into my hand but not winding up any string or at least not very much.
If I double loop the string or use thick lube, I get better results. When I practice with a Yomega Fireball, I get decent results every time. With the Yomega Exodus II, the results are more predictable as well.

Since I’m wasting all your time, forgive yet another noob question:
Does the string have to be tight around the bearing? I notice it loosens up rather quickly.

I am on a two week break from yoyo’ing because I have to rest my arm to see if I can get this pinched nerve injury to work itself out.


You should try to learn to bind but you don’t really have to until you get into the more advanced tricks. To make it more responsive you would put thick lube in it or 3-in-1 oil which works like thick lube. Hope i helped.

When I bought my DM2, I bought thick and thin lube. I like having all my options!

I switched to thin lube so I could get longer sleep. Granted I’m new, but in general, what sort of sleep times should I expect with thick lube?

When I put in thin lube, my forward pass kinda went downhill, as did my “Around the world”, but the folks here said “those are more intended for looping yoyos”, which then followed with a couple of recommendations that I’ll take up in a few weeks.

I’m NOT opposed to learning to bind if that’s the logical next step. But I also know for a fact I still need to work on getting my throw nice and consistently giving me nice steady sleepers. I don’t care if I gotta spend the next 2 weeks after I can throw again just improving my sleeper.

if you keep at it, bind return can be learned in half a day, the shortest time I’ve seen from a total yoyo noob who also had to learn to throw was 15 minutes with me showing him.

it’s really not that hard, start slow, you don’t have to do it fast

most guys I’ve seen fail at it, it was because they were trying to do it as fast as someone who already knows how to bind

That is totally not true.

You can start on intermediate tricks w/o learning to bind, contrary to popular misconceptions.

Your yoyo should have a tight wind on the bearing for each throw. The fact that it seems to be looser on each subsequent throw is an indication that you are not getting a good return wind up. Either increase the responsiveness (lube the bearing) or learn to bind for a tighter wind.

Some YYF yoyos come with illustrated bind instructions.

If you know what a reverse brain twister mount is, do that. Pinch the loop. Lower the pinched loop toward the yoyo. Move your pinching hand before the yoyo hits it.

In other words, its worth knowing how to bind.