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hi guys im at intermediate lvl and i have changed 3 yo yos becoz my yo yo are not working properly, when i throw them mostly they don’t cm back even if i pull.
im not getting what should i do


Happy Throwing! =]

you could bind or you could make your string less lose or just change your string

Learn to Bind. Those yoyo’s are ment to do that, well some are. Learn to bind.

go up to learn and hit bind returns there you go

is it normal becoz when i bought my yoyo it was perfect so how changed suddenly

Ya, totally get your binds going!

Well, your yoyo is spinning longer now, but if you want it to spin less, and more response, put some sort of thick solvent in there :wink:

Ther are 2 solutions, learn to bind or put a ton of thick lube on it.

Uh, that’s not gonna work. :-X

Happy Throwing! =]

Why wouldn’t it work?

I suggest to learn Binding. The Learn section shows you a couple ways to bind. Or if you don’t wanna learn binds, you could put some thick lube on, making it more responsive, but less spin time.

Learn bind or maybe tighten by UFO. It’s simple

ccn411, this post was not necessary. If you look at the post sates, this was nearly a month ago. Please do not necro.


Happy Throwing! =]

Okay sorry for getting off topic, just needed to do that, thought it would be funny ;D

The only thing you can do is bind or thick lube.

This might help you out a bit: - Intermediate - Unresponsive Play

You should either learn how to bind ( - Intermediate - Bind Returns) or you could get some thick lube ( and some response/friction stickers (