completely unresponsive


as you can see, Ive just started “yo-yoing” today. I have the journey, and when i throw a sleeper I cant get it to come back. Ive tried everything. Im pretty sure i throw them straight, and ive tried different speeds. The only way i can get it to come back up is if I throw as hard as i possibly can and then yanks the string so it flies halfway up, catches, and tangles around the bearing. Is there any way I could make it more responsive? ??? ???


You could put some thick lube on, but it might just be that you’re a beginner. What do you mean by…



You can use YoYoJam Thick Lube or something sticky like bike lube or 3-in-1 Oil. Also, Vaseline lip therapy can work as well. Just put it in the bearing.

Also, try to learn to bind first, here are some videos:

See it in slo-mo:


I have to jerk the string up, so the yoyo doesnt go smoothly. It jumps up and catches the string around halfway up then it contiues up and smashes into my hand


You think i can do that???


Yes, with some practice, binding will be second nature to you. It’s really easy once you get it down.


yea binding is a great thing to know how to do because once you start actually yoyoing, lol, unresponsive yoyos are what your gonna need


No you can’t. You can’t do a lot of things. But you learn tricks while yoyoing, and that is what yoyoing is all about. Just practice, and it will be really easy.


when i 1st saw binding! i was like i cant do that!!! but i thought stuff it ill have a bash! n it aint that hard, im 3 months into my yoyoing life n im on auto-bind like kim-lan said its second nature! the vid i learnt of is on the learn section on here! its makes it simple to learn! keep goin dude! ul get it!


well, I also kinda wanna be able to do the first trick… Or what a yoyo was originally meant to do.

I guess ill just keep trying to land it on the string…