How to get my new bearing yoyo to come back up

I got the POPstar:
My problem is with the bearings. They seem to be SO good that I can’t get the bugger back up. Someone told me to put Vaseline on the bearings. What should I do?

Thank You!

Don’t use vaseline.

Use a light oil like sewing machine oil, very sparingly.

Learn to bind!

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Try binding!

Once you’ve got binding down (if you haven’t already) you’ll be set for unresponsive tricks!

it wont come up because you need to learn how to bind heres a link

why did the link not work

Your problem is that you’re using an unresponsive yo-yo, which is meant for advanced players. I recommend either learning how to bind (like everybody else said), or getting a responsive yo-yo. Thick lube can also work, like the sewing machine oil jhb8426 mentioned.

The popstar is not for begginers or the faint of heart. Its very unresponsive and demands precision to hit the string. I will say if you get good with the popstar a regular yoyo is gonna be a piece of cake though.

Hey Thank you all, This is very helpful. It has been over 15 years since my last yoyo and the brain twister is as far as I got in tricks. I will get this binding thing down since now they make yo-yos unresponsive, which is really cool. ;D

Yes, but make sure you still pick up a responsive yo-yo and learn some tricks on that. Unresponsive yo-yos are cool, but it’s important to know how to use some “old-school” yo-yos. You can’t skip the fundamentals.

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Try using thick lube if you want it responsive, if you want it unresponsive, but want it to come up, learn a bind…


That is the first thing people ask when they are trying one of my throws for the first time. They give it a tug and look at me confused and say “Hey, this one doesn’t work!”

Best advice, as stated before, use lube or start learning how to bind. If you are serious about improving your skills check out some of the binding lessons here and on the net. There are tons of instructional videos that can teach you how to bind. It can be frustrating at first but like anything practice and it will eventually become second nature.