Why won't my yo-yo come back up?

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I’m new to yo-yos and I’m sorry for asking such a stupid question but why my yo-yo doesn’t stop spinning and it won’t come back up ???

It’s a YoTech Super Wing ball bearing yo-yo. ::slight_smile:

It looks like this -> http://yoyowiki.org/wiki/Yotech_Super_Wing

I haven’t heard of that type of yo yo, but usually when a yo yo doesn’t come up it’s because its unresponsive and you need to learn to bind. http://yoyoexpert.com/learn/030-intermediate-bind-returns.html

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If you want to make it come back up with a tug, take out the ball bearing and put a thick liquid in there (Such as Petroleum Jelly, Vegetable oil, etc.)

Alternately, you can learn to o something called a “Bind return”, as stated above.

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OK so yeah. You should probably learn the bind, which can be found in Dereks post, or you can unscrew the yoyo, and put a drop of lubricant inside the bearing. If you want more response use thick lubricant. If you want less response, but and a silent bearing, use thin lube. Both thick, and thin, can be found here: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/58/YYJ-Lube

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i checked it is responsive just follow the others responses but forget about binding.

thats an offstring yoyo.
Are you trying to use it like a regular 1a yoyo for string tricks ???

Its probably unresponsive and you need to bind OR it needs new friction stickers.

Thanks for the reply! I’ll try it out

Very well could be that his has become unresponsive. :stuck_out_tongue: I dunno, sounds like he’s going to try binding out, maybe that’ll do it for him.

as others replied try binding. since it could be for offstring yeah maybe it really requires binding.

oo i have one of them too :slight_smile: its really old want a yyj anyways when i got mine they also gave you yo yo lubricant that helps heaps if you use it regularly or you could always learn binding that will help later on