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Well, I just started Yo-Yoing today (Wednesday, August 4th)
I was learning to do the sleeper with my YYJ Kickside, and when i tried to pull it back up, it wouldn’t, any help?

Learn how to bind.  :slight_smile:

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Thank you, looks confusing…

ya u will need to learn to bind if you want to do more intermediate tricks. But if you are a beginner, get a more responsive yoyo

Pay attention to the direction the yoyo is spinning when you throw it, you need to make sure you pull your looped string against the spin. You’ll get the hang of it.

this might also help:,6880.0.html

put some yoyojam THICK LUBE on the bearing. you can buy it on this site…

Thank you, also sometimes when I try and throw a really strong sleeper, I don’t even jerk it and it comes back up. I have the hang of binding, so I want to find a way to stop the Yo-Yo from coming back to my hand when I don’t jerk it, it hurts when it smashes into my hand!

binding is easiest in the braintwister mount once you get in it pull the finger with the loop like straight forward and downward and then let go of the loop finger.

So basically, you want the yoyo unresponsive, right?

Clean the bearing:

Then play with your yoyo for a week and the bearing will break in.

The yoyo will not be completely unresponsive though, but it will not come back to your hand with a slight tug.

I think the reason that it sometimes just comes up right away is that when you bind you put too much string in the gap and a knot-like thing forms. You’re either putting too much string in the gap or you’re binding the wrong direction.
If you throw a sleeper then don’t bind from a brain twister mount. WHen you’re in the brain twister mount the loop is behind the string. You want to make the loop be in front of the string. When you do the brain twister mount you put the string into the gap. To make the loop be in front of the string then when you put the string into the gap put the string in from the back of the yoyo.

Thank you all for the wonderful help :smiley:
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