Beginner help needed please

Hi i am new to yoyoing and i am really enjoying it. I bought my first proper yoyo yesterday( my first one was very cheap) and it came today. It is a ONEstar Pulsar edition. When i came to put the string on i unraveld it like the instructions said and put it on the yoyo but when i let go of the yoyo and it sleeps i cant get it to come back up to my hand. When i had a look i saw that the middle bit where the string is is just spinning really fast. I have tried wrapping the string around the yoyo a few times but no joy. If it helps the string i am using is made by “kitty”. Any help to how i can make the yoyo respond will be greatly appretiated. I am sorry for my untechnical yoyo language i am still very new.

It was designed that way to play unresponsive. One thing you can do is add lube to the ball bearing, which is the round steel bit that you warp the string around. If you want to be able to reliably tug it back, use a thicker lube

Later on though, you will need to learn a trick called the bind. The bind is used to bring back yoyos that behave like yours does. Usually people start with a responsive yoyo, then eventually go back to unresponsive yoyos for advanced tricks, but if you are patient and willing to take a little criticism, you can keep your yoyo the way it us and learn the bind immediately. All up to you

Yep, most modern yoyos are unresponsive, so you must perform a bind to bring them back to your hand. While most people learn responsive first, plenty started out with unresponsive, so don’t be afraid to jump right in to learning how to bind.

Here’s a pretty good tutorial:

Ah ok thank you very much, been trying to do the bind for 2 hours now and only managed to do it twice but ill stick at it

Best thing to do! You’ll get it for sure.

Welcome to the yo-yoing world!

The key is to pinch the string loop when you’re lowering it into the yoyo. Keep trying!

Ok thanks, just struggling to get it to come back to my hand withoughr knotting up, it seems to be the same knot every time haha

Are you lowering the string in to bind it or are you crossing it? Crossing the string tends to form snags more often.

There are tutorials to start with on this site at the top of the screen.

and many many more.
Just pick one, start from the beginning and keep at it.
Good luck and have fun!