Got a few questions (just got a new yoyo)

So I started about 1 week ago and I ordered a Velocity when I started. I’ve been using an old Duncan Speed Beetle until now and I learned all the tricks up to Double or Nothing. Then I stopped learning new ones since that yoyo just sleeps for 5 seconds and then it dies. I kept practicing the ones I knew already meanwhile.

About one hour ago, my Velocity arrived. Doing tricks like trapeze is so much easier now. I barely miss one. And it sleeps forever! However, since this is my first new yoyo since I can remember, I have a few questions:

First of all, it came completely unresponsive out of the box. It took me a couple of minutes to get the hang of it since I never played unresponsive before, but I wanted to try unresponsive play instead of turning it to responsive and I figured out how to bind from a Brain Twister mount so it was ok. The problem is it sometimes picks up more string than it should, so to correct it, I throw it once again and bind it, but when binding it sometimes just picks up more string again anyways! Do I need to bind it differently or something?

Then, after I do a couple of tricks, the string tension is all messed up. Even if I just do a couple trapezes or something. Is this because it’s new? The string is way different from my old one (and it did come rolled up) so is that it?

Also, how do you wind a yoyo like this fast? I don’t wind manually since the first day. I used to just spin it with my left hand (the Speed Beetle) and pull with my right when it was dead and it would come up instantly so it saved me a lot of time. With this one though, it won’t come up since it’s not as responsive (even if I adjust it to responsive) so I end up having to wind it manually each time.

Anyways, I really like this yoyo. It’s so much easier to do string tricks than the one I was using (obviously, since the other one is a looping yoyo). I’m playing with enough response for it to pick up meanwhile, but I’d like to turn it to unresponsive again so any help appreciated.

when i first started to play unresponsive i did the brain twister bind to and it kept catching so i started watching vids of yoyoing and i saw the way ppl were binding and its like a brain twister but reverse if u watch the tut on the zipper its the mount after he flips out of he brain twister and u just pull the loop down in to ur gap and as for ur string u might wanna let it out like un roll it hold ur yoyo and run ur pointer and thumb down the string to get rid of the tenstion do this a few times for the first day or 2 and it shud be ok if not u might wanna get a new string well hope i helped good luck keep spinning

What you’re looking for is a back spin bind.

There’s the Binding section found HERE in the learning section of YYE, that may be helpful.

Tommy gun has a good vid on binds as well. There are some easier breakdowns, but this was the video I learned binding from, hope it helps.

Back spin binds are around 2:20

Thanks for the advice. So basically, instead of a Brain Twister mount, you do it the other way around, as if it was a Trapeze, right? It doesn’t catch the string as much like this, but it still catches it often…

How about winding up, any idea?

You’ll want to learn to snap start. Andre has a video tutorial about this. Just go to you tube and search for “snap start yoyo”. Basically, you spin the yoyo with your index finger and thumb, and then bind it.

Snap starts a hard unless you have a very efficient bind down. Andre shows you two or three different ways so look into them. When you do a bind you want to use as little as a loop as possible. that way less string is “caught” up. This is what I usually do for string tension.,13716.0.html

I can’t bind after a snap start. I can only snap start if it’s responsive. I’ll keep practicing though and just wind it up normally for now I guess…

I think I’m looping a bit too much string now that you mention it. That’s probably why it fails sometimes.

andre has answers to most of your questions:

well, maybe not all.  but the bind video is good.  also, to wind it, u might just want to do what u did before and then just bind.

string tention: well there are a few things.  one may be that on the speed beetle, when it would die, it would just loosen or tighten the string in the desired direction.  if u looped with it, that also loosens the string.  there are many good ways to adjust string tension:

You are probabl going to want to learn the backspin bind. If that doesn’t help, try a normal bind, but pinch the string when you bind, so the string catches easy and shoots back up.

No matter what yoyo or string, the string is going to twist up a lot. As you get better, this won't happen anymore. Try this: hold the yoyo (wound up) in your hand, then hold the yoyo about 2 inches from your hand, palm down (but don't let go of the yoyo). move the string closer to the yoyo and the string should wind up a lot. This will happen to all yoyos. To get this out, throw a UFO. Another way to get this out is to throw a sleeper but stop the spin completely. Pinch the string at the top HARD and move down the string until it gets to the yoyo. The yoyo should start rotating fast. Keep doing this repeatedly until the yoyo stops rotating. Best Luck!

Thanks for the help guys.

I can bind without it catching the string now about 95% of the times. I was just doing it a different way so it kept catching it. I can’t really do a sidewinder with it not being responsive so I’m just dropping the string to fix tension for now. I’m also manually winding up for now since I can’t really bind after a snap start (it still won’t catch the string).

I’ll just keep practicing now since I’m good with binding and that was the biggest problem. I even learned 4 new tricks today already from the intermediate section so I’m starting advanced 1 tomorrow :slight_smile: