how to wind up an unresponsive yoyo?

I would like to learn how to wind an unresponsive yoyo the way she does it in this video. Anyone can guide me on how she does it?


That’s basically a snap start, the fastest way to wind the yoyo. At its most simple, you just hold the yoyo with your index finger and thumb and snap your fingers to get the yoyo spinning, and then bind. It takes some practice but it’s definitely worth learning.

I would say bring your arm back and press down on the the yoyo with your index! Also the term for winding up a unresponsive yoyo (unless by hand) is called a bind.

I usually just grab the yoyo with one hand and then put my thumb on the bottom and my middle finger on the top and snap it. This gives it enough momentum for you to perform a normal bind and bring it back to your hand.

oh but it seems like she did some trapeze thingy as well?

It appears that she restarts her yoyo the same way I do.

^ should be the first method in the video above.  :slight_smile:

The problem I have is that although I am pinching the strings, the yoyo still skids on the string rather than wind. Its not my response because I have 3 yoyos.

What I did was when stringing the yoyo I wrap it around the bearing twice. Does anyone else do this with unresponsive yoyos? It didn’t seem to affect my sleep time and it made the trapeze winding trick easy to perform everytime.

I use the trapeze start all the time. With an unresponsive yoyo, I just wrap the string all the way around the bearding and that gives it enough string in the gap to get things spinning more easily.
Then once you throw the yoyo again, the extra loops will be gone.

for unresponsive yo-yo’s, i just snap-start into a bind like this.
(1st one is to full wind-up, 2nd loop-regen, and 3rd to lunar landing catch.)

i’ve never seen a faster or easier way to wind up unresponsive (although learning to snap-start well does take some time).

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Dangit Ed!  Do you always have to make it look so easy?  :smiley: