Best "trick" to start (wind) an unresponsive yoyo?

Looking for “trick” or some quick way to start an unresponsive yoyo. Tried some of the tutorials on youtube for basic ‘snap start’ and similar but can’t seem to get it. Help?

I do this trick…

I know Andre’ is using a responsive yoyo in the video, but you can still use the method to wind an unresponsive yoyo with some practice.  Just let the yoyo pop up when you get it spinning and land it on the string and bind.  I pop it up and then grab the string up high so the yoyo swings back toward me.  Then I catch it on the string in a front mount (brain twister) except the yoyo is spinning the opposite way.  Then it’s ready to just bind.

I hope that makes sense.  It’s a little hard to describe yoyo moves!

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There are a few good ones out there, but when I don’t want to fart around it’s always about a proper snap start. I also usually catch it on the string and bind, but even if you just get it spinning at the end of the string, good 'nuff.

It takes practice. That’s all there is to it. I remember starting off and the tutorials would be, “You don’t need much spin and it can be kind of wobbly” and I thought they were liars. I could never get it to work unless I had a good straight strong spin. But then… time went by and I was doing it with a cruddy snap and a wobbly weak spin.

One that’s harder to get the knack for is to hold the yoyo in your throw hand, then pinch with the non-throw-hand at the apex of the slack. Hold the string such that it’s kind of like an undermount and “roll” the yoyo along the string. This will wind it halfway, which is not a bad start!

With practice, what you do is roll more quickly, then let go and give a gentle tug just as the yoyo reaches that halfway point. The momentum will cause the yoyo to keep “rolling” along the other half of the string in mid-air, and then you can catch it, fully wound! I don’t usually get a super-tight bind this way, but it’s in my hand and tight enough to do a quick normal bind to “reset” it.

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OK I found a great way to do this – very easy.

Yoyo on fingertips of face-up non-throw hand. Push off with fingertips of face down throw hand. This gets a nice spin. Then do “back bottom mount”* bind (if that’s a real name for it) while pushing the string forward and voila! Right back to my throw hand all wound up!

*What I’m doing here is draping the string over my non-throw pointer finger then threading under the yoyo back towards me while leaning the my non-throw forward.

Put the yoyo on your hand and have a bind position. Kind of drop the yoyo so it spins on the string and bind. That’s what I do

I think this is the same idea as what I was trying to describe. I can’t imagine getting enough spin to just bind, though-- so maybe not. :wink:

i get to all the time. I use it in contest situation as well

I’m not doubting you, I’m just trying to figure out if it’s the same thing I do or not. :wink: Would love to see a video-- I dig knowing different ways to start a dead yoyo.

well in all of my yoyoing life which is one year, I haven’t put any starts in any of my videos. I think that’s wierd

Put the yoyo in your throwhand palm (up). Put your non throwhand fingers/palm on top of the yoyo, and brush your hand out and away from you to give the yoyo spin. Now bind ;))

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I don’t know why you’re getting upset. Only if you wanted to, I was simply suggesting you make a video of just the wind. “Hey, check it out” then do the wind. 5 seconds. You put it on YouTube as “unlisted” so that it’s not considered one of your regular lineup and then you share the link.

There’s nothing weird about it; people do it all the time. It’s weird that you think it’s weird.

For that matter, though, a wind could be a perfectly good part of a video. A little intro section or whatever. The CLYW videos have little things like this all the time.

Competitors usually push start

im just confused. I’m not mad or anything. I’m just saying

OK, let me rephrase. :wink:

“Neat… sounds like what I do, but I’m not 100% sure! Any chance you could make a quick video of it for me to see? I love knowing new ways to start dead yoyos!”

um maybe???

I’m pretty sure I posted that same link earlier. Maybe I dreamed it.

Edit: oh, I posted the link to YYE, not YouTube. Same video though.

Not sure why you keep trying to make me feel like I was asking something bizarre. People ask each other for quick videos fairly often.

Since this thread was around and I had the camera out, I took it a step further. :wink: Here are a few of the starts I use. The very last one, the Gary Li one, is so unreliable but you look like a boss when you hit it clean. This was not one of those times (had to wrap a few more winds to finish it) but ehh… just a quick video!

In any event, I put the one I was talking about right at the beginning. Roll the yoyo along the string, release when it’s almost at the apex, and the momentum plus the tug helps it to wind the rest of the string up.


Foot starts are only for those who don’t fear for their yoyos or surfaces!


ok I will.

GregP - thanks! The Palm Start is the one I think is easiest to do (and what I tried to describe with words in my earlier post), and will be my “go-to” until I can get down some of those other moves you demonstrated. Really appreciate your post!

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