How do you typically restart your yoyo?

How do you typically restart your yoyo?

  • hand wind
  • push start (2 fingers)
  • push start (thumb)
  • snap start
  • trapeze roll up
  • other
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me like polls


my dumbass never learned a snap start and i ain’t startin now


its ok, push start is better anyway :smirk_cat:


there were a lot of fun examples of restarts posted in this thread.

I just snap start though, I used to palm start until I started playing a lot of 5A. Palm starting with a counterweight in your hand feels bad. Palm starting used to feel lower effort to me, but now snap starting feels lower effort since it only takes one hand.


Snap starts are too many steps for me, the trapeze wind up is all one motion and works great


For unresponsive, my friend swears by “Make it rain” method and I use kinda the same methodology, but I get it spinning while hanging then drop it down for a wind.

For me, for responsive, I usually just do thumb start, but trying to learn snap start as the only reason I use responsive is for looping while walking my doggos, so the more self substantiating I can do with one hand, the better.

Edit: I used to do trapeze wind, but required to much setup

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1a and 5a I’m more likely to use non snap starts but yo 3a and 2a and 0a snapstarts4lyfe bb 4a I always do the two finger push one hah

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I learned to snap start I’m gonna use me a snap start

I will note half the time I get frustrated and it turns to manual hand winding in desperation to get whatever I’m working to land right

Engineers wind (trapeze roll up) is usually my go-to, with unresponsive, since I’m usually already in position for that but sometimes the string won’t grab, in those instances I snap start or roll the dead yoyo off my hands to give it a tiny bit of spin and just bind.

For fixie/responsive, usually snap start.

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I usually just jump it with the car. I also have a jump box with ac 60hz just in case.


I’ve got the engineers wind down pretty sweet too! Its for sure the quickest winding method.

I usually do engineers wind up but I often will throw a “false” sleeper to get my yoyos spinning again if I’m lazy. Essentially throwing down hard while letting the yoyo roll off the hand starts a semi “sleeper” that works decently well.

M̶͕̹͂̈́͋̍́͂͜ ̷̫̎̐́̑E̴̛̟̯̳͖̥͒̈́̉̎̀̒͐̂ ̷͉̘̋͌̾͛̽͆̿͝T̷̨̞̃͑̍́̎̌ ̸͇̜͓̓͋̽̆Ḩ̷̘͉̫͛̔̀̓͐̇̚ ̷̡̳͖̬͇͕̟̗͎̔̈́̈́Ö̷̡̰̼͔̝̽͜͠ ̴̡̥̯̤͚̮̙͈͆̊̽̆̈́̔̍̄́Ḏ̷̨̨̛̺̙̞͌̒̄̉̎̍

“Make it Rain” spin start is where it’s at!


I like the trapeze wind so much that I figured out how to do it offstring. Start with a wrap, perform wind like normal, then “bounce” the yoyo at the bottom of the string to get it wound up in the correct direction.

I let the yoyo hang at the end of the string, and then I blow on it real hard until it’s spinning fast enough to bind.

Update - I just thought of a new yoyo restart. Just let the yoyo hang at the end of the yoyo on the ground. Then, start running as fast as you can. Lift the yoyo up off the ground, and then bind. I’m going to try it in the morning.


For 4A? Still haven’t quite figured out the nuisances of fast wind ups so I usually just hand wind it. For 1A I usually do the fast start that Johnnie DelValle did at the end of his worlds freestyle from 2003 because I thought it was super cool when I first learned it and it’s pretty consistent for me so I stick with it!


best results given if done on concrete


I snap start on my unresponsives, trapeze roll start on my fixies/responsives. Winding takes too long :slight_smile:


I call it the “Make it rain” wind

This is the best. I can totally see how concrete is, quite nearly necessary for this almost perfect method. :rofl: