How do you "hand start" an unresponsive yoyo?

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I can do it when my velocity is responsive, but not when i set it to be unresponsive. How do you do it?


you snap it. then you bind it.


You practice it. A LOT!!

Don’t feel bad if you can’t do it. I’ve been working on it for months and I just cannot get it down. It’s slowly getting better. I even did it once. But, consistency…

Practice it. A LOT!!


Yep. Studio got it right. Practice.

Took me quite a while to get them down…2-3 months. Do it all the time. Regardless of whether or not you are successful.

It makes yoyoing a lot more fun when you go get right back at throwing after the yoyo dies out on you. Hand winding sucks.

I usually firmly grasp the yoyo with my thumb and middle finger and make the motion of snapping my fingers really hard. When you snap it let the yoyo go it’s own way. Don’t try to force it in any certain direction…it’ll do the right thing.

Bind it up.



Ive been practicing this every time i use my yoyo. I dont really dedicate a ton of time to it, but occasionally when the yoyo dies out ill try to snap it back up. My problem is the yoyo wabbles to much. Even with my DM2, which is still pretty responsive, i cant do it.

But like with any trick, it will come with practice. Im just sick of winding it lol



It’s all in the wrist :wink:


It takes a ton of practice, took me a while to get it. You don’t have to snap per say but just move your fingers and wrist in the motion of spin (forward) quickly, you don’t have to snap though.



Try this


Thanks this helped me and i can kind of do it now.


Yes, you don’t really have to snap.
What you need is to give the yoyo some spin barely enough to perform a bind.
Even if it end up with a very bad wobble due to you’re hand movement, just aim the gap and perform a bind. That should do.

Anyone remember people snap the yoyo with the tip of their feet in the late 90’s? You can do it too, one of my crazier friend prefer this way, his superstar is beat though.


What I do is put my hands around it (Like I’m clapping) and then spin the yoyo from there…
I CANNOT snap start!




No problem. Keep practicing it. There are “sloppier” alternatives but it’s worth the practice to get a nice clean snap start.

I do it with my feet too when I’m on carpet.

At first I found it easier to do a breakaway style snap start. If that helps at all.


i just when right up to my yoyo the first time i got it down lol


If I pull really hard (careful not to brake the string) and snap it like a toothpick (your wrist to get maximum spin) and as quickly as possible flip onto string and bind it high.

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With an unresponsive yoyo, after you hand-start it, you immediately put your finger and use the momentum to land the yoyo in the string, causing the yoyo to land in a brain twister mount. From there you can bind the yoyo for it to return to your hand.


hes right


Just took me a whole hour to learn the snap start


yeah, what everyone’s saying is right just practice. but what really helped for me was,I forget who told me this, but someone told me to just refuse to wind it by hand. Cause then you’re forced to get it right.