Help with hand starting yoyo.

I can hand start responsive yoyos but I can’t with unresponsive.
Can any one help?

are you snapping or pushing? Learn to snap start and then bind

You get a lot more spin out of snap starting the yoyo than with pushing, but pushing is a lot easier when you’re learning.

what specifically are you having trouble with?

They first way I learned to hand start an unresponsive yo-yo was to restart it. Basically, I put the yo-yo in the palm of my throw hand, took my non-throw hand and put it on top of the yo-yo and pushed down and off of my throw hand. That worked, but didn’t look really cool. The way I’ve been doing it since then is snap-starting. To get this down, you need to know how to get a crisp snap going with your middle and index fingers. Once you’ve got that down, try it on a yo-yo, but as you snap, flick your wrist away from you. When you have this down quite well, you’ll have enough spin time to snap and bind. Hope it’s helpful.

wat do you mean by “snapping” the yoyo?

Any time I attempt the snap start, my yoyo wobbles and spazzes like crazy (making it impossible to bind). I usually resort to using my non-throw hand and thumb to pull downward on the back of the yoyo. It’s how I learned many years ago with a responsive yoyo.

When I snap the yo-yo it doesn’t spin fast enough to bind.

You just have to practice at it. When I first started the yo-yo didn’t spin to bind, it went sideways. Practice makes perfect on it. It took me about a month to perfect it.

For starters, I am right handed but am doing my snap starts with my left hand since I can only snap my fingers with my left hand. I started getting little baby snap starts to at least let me wind it some. I am finding that what is helping me is if I have my index/middle fingers as far backwards on the yoyo as possible before I attempt the snapping motion. This is at least created a semi-stable yoyo to then bind return.

I need to work on doing it with both hands.

I know you don’t want to hear this because no one wants to. In reality, there is no sugar coated magic trick that will allow you to magically snap start a yoyo. It takes solid practice trying to just snap the yoyo let alone bind at after. Sooooo, basically just commit to a few hours of just snapping it. It will hurt and be painfully boring but if you just get through that barrier you will thank yourself because snap starting is something that everyone should be able to do. Its cool and slick looking and a hell of a lot smoother in a routine if you happen to mess something up. That’s the bottom line and I hope you get something out of thyis. Good luck!

I still can’t snap start, I’ve practiced for months but my fingers just don’t listen to me lol. Anyway push start works very well for me and if you just keep practicing what boulay shows you in the video segment you should pick it up. After that you can start practicing a snap start. Snap starts might take you a bit longer, or you could get lazy and give up learning it like me haha (im a terrible example of perseverence)