Dead yo yo starts


Hey guys i cant seem to get a good snap start down.

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First of, you do not need a new yoyo to snap start. Second, it’s quite hard in the beginning. To do it. You need to make sure when you “Snap” you need to not move your fingers left or right but just up and down. Real snapping requires some kind of left to right. It’s not necessary to stop left and right motion but it’s easier if you can do it. I’l let the others explain it because I’m sure they have better explainations. :wink:


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Snap starts take a lot of pracitce. I can never do them so I just stick with thumb starts. Much easier for me and keeps it straighter. If you do want to do snap starts, just experiment with putting your finger in slightly different spots and “pushing” the yoyo in slightly different directions until you find something that can work.

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It’s something that takes alot of practice and a lot of patience. Stick with the thump start until you get to a point where the snap-start just works. I still can’t do it either,


ok everyone is giving great advice so follow it.
what helped me when i learned i is i just played around with my finger placement. moved my thumb in a little and index finger out, or whatever it took to get it to work.
i would recommend slowly snapping it at first with not much force and once you find a good placement where you can get it to atleast spin straight, then start slowly using more force on the snap until it is strong enough for you to bring it back up.



What type of yoyo are you using? I know it’s been said that it doesn’t matter what yoyo, but sometimes it does. I can snap start, but am unable to do it on a Henry Lizard (The slim profile and rubber rings make it nigh impossible.)

Other than that, just keep trying. At first your snaps will be erratic, but eventually you’ll get a good one here and there. From there just notice how you snapped it when it worked, and as you continue it becomes automatic.


thanx guys for all the help the only problem i still have is still binding it back i have a new breed and its super unresponsive

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here some videos on binding in one of 'em you’ll see that, in a normal bind, wrapping it around will make it easier hope this helps with your New Breed!!

  • Refuse to wind your yoyo by hand under any circumstances until you’ve got it down (it will take a while - days maybe weeks)
  • Break your non-throw hand and have it in a cast for a month, so you can’t use a thumb start or whatever they call it.

OK, so assuming you probably don’t want to break your hand, here’s what else worked for me after some experimentation:

  • grip the yoyo with your throw hand thumb and middle finger (no index finger - at least for me, this just causes a ton of wobble; yes, I know Andre uses both index and middle finger, but that way doesn’t work for me)
  • place your thumb and finger on the bottom and top of the yoyo, then rotate them counterclockwise a little more, maybe 10 degrees, then snap it forward
  • don’t squeeze too tight, or your snap won’t end up straight, and you’ll end up with a lot of wobble
  • bind it, return to hand - while its coming back up, bring your throw hand down to meet the yoyo, as it may not have enough momentum to carry all the way up, at least at first

If the first time it doesn’t work, pick it up and try again, repeat until fingers sore or you get it working.

Edit: I added this on another thread already, but just to clarify what I said above:

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sorry i meant to quote that vid. i wanted to say that it was good but you should practics or rehearse before you shoot the video


Here’s a different one:

Happy Throwing! =]