snap start

ahhh it just doesn’t work for me!!!

What yoyo are you using? Some are very challenging to start. Remember to bind big. I can snap start my Genesis first try but not my campfire. Wide, flat rims help. Try to spin in a downward direction.

This problem has been discussed and solved many times before. Next time, please use the search button first.

It just takes practice. You most likely aren’t going to have it down in a day.

i have a ministar

try putting it in your hand and spinning it off you hand, thats what i do ;D

This is the way I do it. Put your non-throwhand on the back of the yoyo, behind the string in between of your ring finger and middle finger. So the string should be coming in between of those fingers. And then make a quick sliding motion sliding your non-throwhand off of the yoyo in the placement that I told you. And then the yoyo should be spinning backwards, and bind it from a back spin bind or braintwister mount. Also this should be done from frontstyle. :wink: Hope this helps!

First, don’t worry about useing all the same fingers andre uses. Just us the fingers that feel comfortable to you. A lot of people like to use just one finger on top. Also try to focus on snaping it straight so it wobbles a little as possible. Then gradually build up force. Once you get to the point were you can bind it’s all down hill. Just do it when your yoyo dies and eventually the practice will add up and you be able to do tricks off a snap start.

If you have trouble snapping your fingers, then you’ll have trouble with this, too. The way I snap start is with my middle finger and thumb and I just snap as if there were no yoyo in my hand. If the yoyo spins at all, you can probably bind it unless your yoyo’s too unresponsive. If that’s the case you probably need new pads. I also find it easier to bind sidestyle if you’re snap-starting, but either way shouldn’t be that hard. Just practice. That’s the answer to everything.

it s not snapping it rotating it in a fast motion then bind