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So I’ve been throwing for awhile and can do lots of tricks, link together combos and am starting to get smooth but no matter how much I practice I can’t get it. It either doesn’t seem to spin fast enough or won’t spin straight. Anybody got any useful tips other than practice more. I’m going to be practicing more that’s a given. Just looking for advice.

Is it easier to snap to the side or front when learning?
Certain way to hold the string/yoyo?
Anything to help anything at all?

get 99.9999999% consistant at binding, and be able to bind at anypoint in time. like… throw it, and wait. then, after a few seconds, see how quickly you can do a basic bind.

Also, pull the loop back, and into the gap. Thats about it. Dont feel bad if you cant get it. One of the greatest throwers there is cant snapstart. his name, is Ed Haponik.

Binding is not so much an issue. The issue I have is in the snap just can’t get it to spin fast or straight.

just work on the snap then

If your only issue is the snap itself then just sit in a chair and snap your heart away. ALOT. That is what I did and now my snap start is pretty consistant.

Nowhere near André’s though. His is insane. Maby you should contact him…nah don’t bug him, he has alot to do. hehe.

That’s a good idea to just snap till I get it going consistently. I I’ve been trying to bind real quick after each throw.

Just try to snap your fingers when the yoyo is in-between them, and don’t focus on trying to get it to spin.

The way I usually snap start is by placing the dead yoyo in my hand, with my middle finger on the gap and my index and ring finger on the rims. I then put my non throw hand on the yoyo horizontally and thrust forward. Hope this helps!

Honestly it comes with practice. I can do like cold fusion off a snap start. Its not as much finger strength as it is tequnique. Im 13 and i can snap start better than my dad. A good yoyo to learn to snap start is a yyf superstar or protostar. Any yoyo u can get a nice grip with your fingers on. Certain yoyos snap start better than others. Yoyos with bigger diameters can be snap started more easily, but that dosent mean an 888x or even a popstar can be snap started. I know yoive read a million people sayong to just practice, and theyre right. I remember how frustrating it was for me. It also helps to have lotioned fingers if u want, plus when you bind, make sure you are doing a reverse bind with a fairly large loop. Wow im writing like 500 letters worth of how to wind up a yoyo. Lol. Good luck!

I think you should try not to focus too much on how much strength you put in. Instead, I think you should try to focus more on strong as much energy in your fingers before releasing them all at once, getting the ‘explosive’ feeling that you get every time you make a loud snap. This would allow the yoyo to spin fast enough to allow binding. Also, don’t worry about the tilt, as long as you practice and perfect your binding, you would probably be able to bind fast enough before the effects of the tilt come into place.

Thanks for all the advice guys it gwen all been helpful. I just need to keep trying and it will come to me. Like anything practice makes perfect.

lol - i… appreciate the… bizarre complement, but

as for advice, start with a small yo-yo, but not like ‘micro’ small. mini-motu or anti-yo business size is a perfect ‘learn to snap’ yo-yo. the nice thing about snaps is that you can work on it all the time, even just watching tv or something. what made a difference for me was working on snapping into tricks. like snapstart-rock-the-the baby and then graduate up to snapstart-spirit-bomb or snapstart-kamikaze. snapstart is definitely one of the things that separates the ‘men from the boys’ in yo-yoing, because winding, itself, becomes a radical trick.

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o.0 i thought i saw a post earlier that said you couldnt snap start. oh well. musta been thinking of another pro?


no sweat man. plenty of stuff i can’t do! but steve brown taught me snap-starts and i’ll stand up for those! :wink:

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I’ve been throwing for a while too and I’m just now getting snap starts. I snap front style, its easier. My good friend Slade said “yeah its weird at first but, you just have to refuse to wind your yoyo by hand, keep snap starting over and over and over again and you’ll get it” I took his advice and it worked, I snap with my non throw hand, for some reason its easier. You just have to keep trying and not give up. Just say: okay, I’m not winding it by hand anymore EVER. And if you wanna Yoyo bad enough you’ll get it.

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