Hand Start/Snap Start

I just cant get my yoyo spinning fast enough!! Any tips? I really want to learn either hand start or snap start(whichever is easier).


To answer your questions.

To get the YoYo spinning fast enough, just practice. If that doesn’t work, practice more.

I prefer a hand start, and imo, I think it’s easier because I’m not too good at snapping. I do regret not being able to snap well, because in 3a, the snap start prevents strings from getting tangled.

Actually, you just need a little spin to get the yoyo back tour hand. The crux is your bind. I suggest you work on your bind, because the snap start is not that important. With a strong bind, you can get the yoyo back with as low as 30 rounds per minute spin.

I agree it’s so much practice. The more you practice the faster it will spin. I practiced at time with out the yoyo in my hand. Another trick that helps to make everything smooth is when you bind the snap start do a regen to get it going really fast. Hope this helps!

Oh, the good’ol Snap Start.

It’s all in your bind. The motion of snapping the yo-yo to make it spin is EXACTLY the same as snapping your fingers. While a good snap start allows you to bind it easier, it is ALL about the bind. Bind too hard and the string will just go around the yo-yo. Don’t bind enough and it will just drop. When I do the snap start and bind it, I’ve done it enough times to know exactly how much of a tug and what to do to bring it back up even if it is the worst snap start ever.

All it takes is practice, practice, practice. Try this…When your yo-yo stops spinning, try is snap start it then bind it. Don’t wind up your yo-yo. Doing this will practice your snap starting and binding skills.

Here, try these.  Might offer an alternative that works for you.  There are dozens of other variations on a snap start. I personally prefer an off-hand snap start, but many prefer the throwhand, or prefer the 4a style thumb or hand start.  It’s all about finding one that works for your hands and your style.

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Thanks for those other options!

I think I’ll learn the snap start as it is what most people do. I will learn it as I progress by just doing it every time I get a dead yoyo and then after a while I will get it.

Thanks for all the help


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i don’t really like the hand start for some reason. I always do the snap start, it takes a lot of practice but once you get used to it, the yoyo will spin quite fast.