Hand Starting a dead Yo-Yo

hi guys, when i try to hnd start my yoyo, it wobbles like crazy. and when i can get it stait, it doen not have enough spin for me to bing it up. any help is greatly appreciated.

It’ll take time to get good at hand starts and, just when you’ve just about mastered them, you’ll have snap starts thrust in your face…

Seriously though, just keep practising it. Refuse to let yourself to wind the yoyo and only use snap starts. It’s important for keeping your string tension.

try to push down as hard as possable. also, try to make your thumb as unslippery as possable

Mine came with time. I just use my middle finger and my thumb to rotate the yoyo like flicking a door knob. It worked wobbly and after a while it became less and less wobbly and I had more control over it and without doing it on purpose I noticed it started snapping and I got a lot more spin. So much more I can do at least 1 or 2 tricks before binding. You will get there. Just keep practicing the best form you can.

Its takes time and practice.

I was having major string tension problems for a while and discovered it was because I was manually winding the yoyo all the time, so one day I decided I was gonna learn to snap start the thing…

I still have wobble depending on which throw I am using but it does get easier…personally I found it easier to get the yoyo to spin slowly at first, then when I had figured out the right place to hold, increase the power…

It really is just like snapping your fingers. I sometimes even hear a snap.

I actually use my pointer and middle finger to start it with the string being in the middle of the two. If you take a look at hand starting offstrings then you may understand what I’m saying better.

Wrap one or two loop of string really help, and get a yoyo with thick rim, do not wear glove which would cause slip

It just takes time and a lot of practice. Look at hand starts and snap starts and practice both. Try different yoyos too. Some of my yoyos were easier then others.

I’ve reached a point at which I can hand start and do brain twister before I bind. It’s all a process. Some yoyos are easier to start than others.

Personally, I’d skip practicing hand starts and just learn the snap start. I tried perfecting my hand start but figured if I’m spending all this time practicing something I’d rather invest that time practicing snap starts.

I usually throw 5a, which makes it harder for me to snap start because I’m holding the die as well. Eventually I just started putting the yoyo on my TH index finger and using my NTH rolling it off really quickly and after a little practice it has enough spin to bind up everytime.

I like to, rather than using my whole hand, use my pointer and middle fingers. I lay my left on top the yoyo, in the gap, and my right on the bottom, also inside the gap. I then forcefully quick start the yoyo, and it seems smooth, but the bind is on the left of the yoyo. reverse your hand positions for the right side bind. I’ll post a vid soon, if the explanation wasn’t clear enough. Hope I helped a little.

I tend to do a quick snap and the key for me is even pressure on both halves…I’m still working on cleaner and quicker starts, and attempting other variations, like the side style snap. I do find that yoyos with flatter/less steep/rounded rims (say, a YYF ___Star, Whip, PGM, Dark Magic, or my SCLB) tend to be easier/provide better grip as opposed to something with sharp/steep rims/catch zone like the Phenom/Phenomizm or the Raptor.

The one problem I tend to have is having the yoyo swing outward after a hard spin…but I can get it spinning fast enough that I can quickly bind it and just get the yoyo back up to the hand.

Responsive loopers are easy to snap start, I’m currently working on the upward snap especially if I’m wielding 2 yoyos…kind of hard to do the traditional snap start with my hands full…or you can try the foot start.

I don’t snap start that much - I prefer the other way of hand starting if you understand what I mean. But just try moving your hand in unison and you’ll get the hang of things. It takes a while especially with yoyos with various shapes, but you’ll get it!