A Guide to Hand Start a dead Yoyo

Snap Starting a yoyo is a hard thing to learn, but pays off in the end.  It look more proffesional than hand winding and is a lot quicker.  Here are some turoials and videos to help the learning process.

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Personal notes and hints:
It’s easier to learn snap starts by finsing the spot that’s good for you.
First start with some soft spins and experiment in different parts until you find one where the yoyo doesn’t wobble.  Keep this spot and keep applying more powere until you can easily make the yoyo spin and bind.

Thnx to all for making the vids.  Hope I help many beginners learn to Hand Start a dead Yoyo:
Snap Start is snapping the yoyo to make it spin(It is also the most common way for more advanced players:
http://yoyoexpert.com/learn/049-advanced-snap-start.html  (by the teacher himself!!!)
There are more ways then just snap starting:

I have also thought of another way to start a dead yoyo. You just have to let the yoyo roll down your arm and after the yoyo reaches the end of the string and starts spinning, just bind it.
It is similar to one of JD’s hand starts, when you just put the yoyo on his palm and removing the hand quickly from under the yoyo towards you. The yoyo would drop to the end of the string and have a slight spin, so you can bind it back.

Yeah that in the last video posted it’s in there somewhere
Thnx anyways!!