are there different ways to start a dead yoyo

if there r i need the easiest way cause i is stuck :-\ and i hate winding >:(

Lots of ways. Just practice it.

Most ways for starting a dead yo-yo involve making it spin in some way and then binding it up if it is unresponsive.

You can explore different ways for starting a dead yo-yo (I just flick start the yo-yo and bind it up) but the link that Apetrunk gave you has some nice videos.

There are a variety of ways, it’s actually all up to imagination. Here are a few ways to do it:

  1. The yoyo is dead. place your index and middle finger on the gap. Each finger on different sides of the gap. Press them down while moving your throw hand up. If done right, the yoyo should wind up from spinning. (Note: This method is for a responsive yoyo)

  2. Yoyo is dead. This is snap starting a yoyo, a more advanced method when a bind is required for your yoyo. What you want to do is place the yoyo on your throw hand, and put it in between the fingers you use to snap with. Make a solid snap and it should be spinning. Then bind from there. This takes practice, so don’t get frustrated if you hurt your fingers doing it or the spin is too weak, it comes eventually.

  3. Again, the yoyo is dead. What you are going to be doing is grabbing the yoyo and placing it on the string in a trapeze position. The yoyo is in trapeze but is dead. Pinch the string with your left hand thumb (This is if your throw with your right hand. It is with your right hand thumb if you are a lefty) and move your throw-hand upwards. They yoyo should be going up the string and winding itself.

Thankies guyz! i just learned the snap start! i is still trying to perfect it but i is glad that i dont have to wind! :smiley: