Any other ways to start a dead yoyo besides winding and "snap" starting it?

That was a long subject line so sorry but are there any other ways to start a dead yoyo besides the way andre showed in the last topic about this. Its a pain winding it back up when i mess up learning new tricks. So since ive been practicing new tricks ALOT this past few weeks its getting very annoying having to wind it up. I just cant get the snapping mothing with my fingers to start it that way. So are there any other ways?


Well, you can put the yoyo in your right palm, then move your left hand across the top of the yoyo really quickly, and right after that, really quickly, drop the yoyo out of your hand. I’ll try and find you a video of JD doing it.

EDIT: Here it is

Ok, Thanks. It would help alot.

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in this vid 2008 Nationals - 1A - John Chow on Vimeo he mucks up and gets his yoyo going a wierd but cool way i havnt worked out how he does it but mabey u can

lol the way up there ^^ is by making a dead trapeze, Move your nonthrowhand down and throwhand up, rolling the yoyo up towards your nonthrowhand. It will just wind up bcause its rolling on the string. then, you do a loop the loop. Thats ^^.

here. start at 1:06

This is called a “stall,” which is JD’s signature trick. The X-ConVict is perfect for stalling. Stalling is stopping a yo-yo with your hands, and pulling your hands apart starting a spin. I will try to get a video up for you soon.

if you go to the learning section there is a hand start which is whats shown on reply #5

here is a way to do it.

Hope i helped :wink:


what i do is put it in a trapeze, bring the loop over the yoyo so it’s wrapped like a bind… then roll the yoyo, drop it then bind.

I do it the way the video shows it. The one i posted. Make a video on your you do it Evan. I would like to see it :wink:


when I said hand start  I meant this

Can someone explain this to me a little better? I think this video may be showing me what you explained, but my DM barely even spins and doesn’t even remotely start to catch the string.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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