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Yes, another snap starting topic. I have looked at all the other topics, and all the snap starting videos i could find, but i still don’t get it. I have literally been practicing this for MONTHS. I can’t even snap start the yo yo fast enough to bind it back all the way to my hand! It seems that when i try it with just my middle finger and thumb my snap start is better but in the video Andre says to use the pointer finger as well, and his snap start is WAY faster than anything i can do. I have also tried rotating my wrist as i snap start. That doesn’t help at all and none of the good snap starters i have seen use their wrist. Please help, this is driving me insane… ??? :-[ ??? :’( ??? :-[

you can try stall starting your yo-yo. check out the x-convict promotional video and you’ll see JD do a couple times. its where you hold the yoyo between your hands and slide you hands in opposite directions to start the yoyo.

it really is a pain in the butt until you get it.
my advice is to use a way-undersized yo-yo. it’s also a little easier on a narrow looper (keep your finger/thumb close to the gap). i only use my middle finger and thumb. start slow and don’t worry about binding. just do it over and over and see what kind of sleeper you can get. don’t rotate your wrist at all. once it feels more natural, you’ll have the juice to do pretty much any trick and still bind it up. when playing unresponsive, i generally snap, bind, regen, and go right back into a trick.
i do some at the start of this vid:

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It really is kinda like snapping you fingers. If you’re more comfortable using your thumb and index finger, that’s probably normal, keep trying it that way. Once you get it, it’s totally worth it. no more winding up your yo-yo. I’ll bet you’re getting plenty of spin but not getting it straight enough? Try it with all of your yo-yos your smallest one will be the easiest. once you get it, you’ll be able to snap your larger ones too.
I can get mine started enough to get it back to me, but like you said, snapping into tricks will take a bit more practice.

No, that’s just the thing. Not only is it wobbly, but I am barely getting any spin at all. Even after practicing it for so long :-\ But i’ll keep at it.

you should use a yoyo that sleeps more than 1 minute to do that. Like my speed maker which spins for about 2 and a half minutes (not modifed) can do it perfectly.

once you get rid of the wobble, you’ll be able to spin it longer. you’ll find the sweet spot on you thumb and middle finger. When you get a good spin, remember where that sweet spot is.
The good thing is, it’s a trick you don’t have to make to practice. just give it a few tries every time you rewind. you’ll start getting it.
If you still have trouble, maybe consider an undersized yo-yo for your next purchase. I didn’t get snap-starts consistently till I got a Dv888.


I am currently trying it with an NM5 which is smaller than my black knight. Soon I’ll buy a G5 as well, and I think that it is smaller than the NM5 and the Black Knight. Right?

small diameter is really more helpful. find a flying squirrel, mini-motu, business, mosquito, etc. not a mighty flea though - they’re a totally different feel. also try it on everyday objects: plastic cups, baseballs, shoes, remote controls, bowie knives… if i can pick it up with one hand, i can snapstart it.

I tried to snap start my legacy but it doesnt work the best so i just started stomp starting, straight into a bind, so i would suggest starting with a stomp start, but i mean, it could just be me, if you dont know the stomp strt message me and ill tell you

Twist your wrist down and move forward as you snap. It kinda gives you momentum. Like you’re throwing a tennis ball right at the ground.

I practiced the snap start so much that my thumb is bruised.

A volleyball???

Don’t practice too much. Erm… contradictory? But if you hurt yourself, you can’t practice as much. Relax a bit. Unless you want me to attend your funeral. Kind of get a slow spin at first, but make it unwobble, remember to keep the yoyo flat. Because you’re holding it with one hand, it’s harder, but keep it flat. It stops the string from touching the sides.

My snap start isn’t that good. Only just bindable.

I think I’m starting to get it. ;D I am now at the point where I get decent spin but it tends to wobble. I’ll keep practicing and see what i can do about that. Thanks for the help guys! :smiley:

Ed, Can you snap start a volleyball?