snap starts

a lot of times when i am in the middle of doing tricks like skin the gerbil, my yoyo goes dead and a lot of times i am performing in front of my friends so i am sick of just winding it up. when i try to do a snap start, it usually doesnt work too good: it barely spins


just practice as much as you can till it start getting good. Then youll be able to do it easy.

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yup, do what buddhafusion said… what I did was I literally sat on the couch while watching tv and kept on snap starting it… I pinched the string close to the yoyo but not too close so I was able to dangle it in front of me.

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Are you snapping the whole yoyo? If so, just snap one half of it, it should spin.

Try to snap it as strait as possible, the less vibe, the longer it will spin. And just keep practicing it until you can get it good enough to bind. Then, you can just do it whenever you need to rewind, and you’ll get better and better doing it that way. Also note that using your index and middle doesn’t neccisarilly make it better. If it feels better to you, just use one finger.

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so i started to try to do the snap start about a month ago. every time my yoyo goes dead i try it. im still not good at it by any means but everybody is right the more i try the better (and faster) it gets.

Snap starting is just one of those “You need to practice this!” things. Just keep practicing it, and it will come to you. :wink:

If you give up on snap starting, there’s a lot more ways!

I prefer hand starting.

But if you really like snap starting, use your middle finger and your thumb to do it.

Try this tutorial!