hand starting and SNAP STARTing HELP!


Im having trouble snap starting my yo. can it be done on an unresponsive yo-yo? Also, when i snap it it wobbles excessively, kind of sideways-ish, like how my thumb snaps to my hand it kind of curves so i think thats the problem… Any tips?!

Thanks in advance ;D


first of all yes it can be done on an unresponsive yoyo.
if it wobbles then you just need to adjust your fingers.
try to move your fingers in or out. try using index and middle, or just middle.
basically just expirement and see what works for you.


He said it. Just work on it. Experiment with puting your fingers in different places and pushing different directions.


I find if i hold my hand so it is as farcounter clockwise as possible b4 throwing and snappping. That it some how striaghtens (less wobble). DUnno if i explained that well. But it works for me. An other thing you could try is using a smaller yoyo to learn the snap easier. I used my cu alot while learning the proper snapping action.

As for no responsive yoyos you will have to bind just like a regular throw.

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Do you use your thumb or your fingers? I put my thumb against the string when I do it. A lot of it has to do with tension, you have to pull the yoyo with your throw hand and your non-throw hand at the same time, so that it pops. You’ll definitely have to bind it after you get it spinning. When you go to bind it, hold the folded part of the string towards you. The yoyo will be spinning the opposite way that it does when you throw a regular sleeper, so you’ll have to bind it from the other side.

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Just keep on practicing, that works best.


Just made this, hope it helps:

If you go to the Riverside thing tomorrow, I can help you with it.


thanks for the video, helps alot, still working on it but i got the general idea.

im hoping i can go, i do have work at 8pm so im trying to open up my plans.

hopefully ill see you there.


tri puting hand on bottem and top and roll yoyo of hand and then bind it back to hand