Tips to hand-start an unresponsive yoyo?

I was able to easily do this with my more responsive yoyos, but it is getting to disturb me more and more how I cannot do it on an unresponsive one. I do the whole routine on the video, and the yoyo jumps up and spins, but it doesn’t grab onto the silicone response.

With some yoyos is it just impossible, or what?

If not, can you guys lend me some pointers?

Get it spinning, then bind.

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try pinching it and then bind or if your yoyo is snapy try a self bind

Pinch the yoyo with your thumb in the gap, then pull up with your throw hand and with your non-throw hand pull down and flick your thumb against the yoyo to get it spinning. Do a front style reverse trapeze and pull down with your non-throw hand and up with your throw hand to get it to bind. Works every time.

When you hand start it , it spins
Get into a brain twister mount, Pinch the string and bind like normal.

Do not do the trapeze way because that is only for front throws, Do it like you’re binding from a breakaway

Most efficient way I know: feed slack string into the front gap, snap start (learn to snap start), loop out… and you’re playing.

I do it at 1:37 in this.

Why not? Either way you’re gonna have to bind it and return it to your hand. Once it’s back to your hand, you can throw a breakaway.


String gets an extra loop for me :c