Binding an Unwound Yo-yo

So I have a yo-yo that’s totally non-responsive (currently). I can do some basic binds, usually, but I always have to start from the wound position of the yo-yo.

I was hoping someone might know of a video that will explain how to wind the yo-yo if it’s both non-responsive and completely unwound.

Do any of you know of such a video?

There are a few around. Here’s one I made! Not a set of tutorials, I’m afraid, just a demo reel. I recommend the foot start on concrete or ashphalt especially if you have an expensive pristine yoyo that you really just want to scratch to heck.


The push start at :30 of Greg’s video above is the easiest and quickest way to restart a yoyo

You can find a tutorial of it here :

He teaches this trick using a responsive yoyo, it’s the same thing with an unresponsive yoyo; you just have to do the extra step of binding it

Thanks for the video above.

Actually, I can already do that one. It just isn’t working for my completely unresponsive yo-yo. I use that all the time with all of my responsive yo-yos to wind them back up quickly.

When I do it with my totally unresponsive one however, it’s not binding at all. I suppose I’ll need to practice it with the bind added.

Thank you.

You probably just need to work on improving your bind. Either that or your push start isn’t strong enough.

I’ll take both for 500, Jack. I’m probably just not good enough yet.

Also note that the push start gets the yoyo spinning in the opposite direction to just throwing down. So the binding “loop” actually has to go behind the yoyo, not in front of it. The opposite side from a “frontstyle bind”.

While we’re on the subject of binds, my favourite video for teaching binds. Dazzling Dave may not have the flashiest videos, but this will really help you understand what a bind is and why you should “pinch” the loop to get a good one:


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I v seen people snap start yoyos in their TH with the string slacked and then land the yoyo in the slack.

Thanks, Greg!

A) I love Dazzlin’ Dave.
B) Great tutorial.

Thank you.

I just snap start it with my TH middle and thumb easiest was for me.