Having trouble throwing on unresponsive


Hey guys,

I am having a hard time getting long sleep times on my replay pro. To be clear- I am a novice.

Ive noticed that with the wide gap I cant just wind the string, I have to do it loosely or with a finger in the gap. This creates “bubbles” of loose string that are dampering my throw. So, in order to do an actual trick, I have to throw it after winding and immediately bind to get a “correct” winding on the yo-yo. But even then, there is normally a loose loop on the yoyo sting that absorbs some of the throw.

At best, I can get 30 second spin times without doing anything to the yo-yo. Does anyone have any tips? It is most definitely user error, I just dont know how to wind the string better.


You can’t wind an unresponsive yoyo like a regular yoyo with a slim gap. What I do is pinch the string close to the gap, then just wind the string around the bearing. There will be a little loop of string from where you pinched the string but it shouldn’t cause any issues when you throw. Once you get better you won’t ever be winding up the yoyo anyway, you’ll be hand starting your yoyo. You could look into tutorials on it, there’s a few ways to do it, I find the thumb start is the easiest to learn. http://yoyoexpert.com/learn/032-advanced-hand-start.php

As for spin time, you’ll just have to work on your throw. As you practice more your throw will become stronger and straighter. A string-centering bearing can also help improve spin times but it’s not necessary and you don’t really need to worry about it too much at this point.


Sounds to me like you’re trying to loosely wrap the string until it catches and holds. That promotes slippage. Use the loop around your finger method you’ve been using, or the pinching thing andy569 described, but do more wraps than what you’re used to doing with a smaller gap. Keep the wraps tight, and don’t pull your finger out, or let go of the pinched string, until you can keep wrapping tightly without it slipping.

At some point, you’ll definitely want to learn other methods of starting like andy569 suggested, as winding while the string is attached to your throw hand, creates string tension (twists the string).