Landing the Braintwister


I have the mount, the flips, but I cannot for the life of me manage to land it. Right after the 3rd time around, it dies or knots up or tries to do another flip and can’t make it all the way round so it comes down on my hands… I’m throwing my sleeper as hard and as straight as I can but it’s not helping. Any suggestions?


Make sure the yoyo is at the end of the string the whole time so there is no slack. If there is, the yoyo will grab it and return to your hand. By the way, what yoyo is it that you are using?


That may very well be the problem… My yoyo’s a YYF Velocity.


Try adjusting that to make it less responsive. It helps to learn to bind so you can play completely unresponsive and do more advanced tricks.

You don’t really HAVE to learn it, but it is really useful so that you can play with unresponsive yoyos and not have it shoot up to your hand all of the time  :wink:


Yeah, I’m gonna learn to bind hopefully pretty soon. I made it less responsive and I was trying to learn to do binds but I couldn’t even get the string wrapped up. It was a sad sight, a sad, sad sight. :’( I’ve managed to just about give myself a black eye today with having the yoyo responsive.
I hear you get longer sleeps with unresponsive, that so or not?

I finally managed to land it, I think it was the slack and my yoyo being super super responsive.
~Thanks for your help!~


Also, when get the spin going, use your non-throwhand to keep it spinning. When you want it to stop, just a little bit before it gets to the bottom of the loop, put your hands back to the original place (non-throwhand on top with throwhand in the middle of the strings). This should help slow the yoyo down enough for it to stop going around that loop on its own.


its true that it sleeps longer unresponsive b/c of the larger gap and faster spinning bearing.

also, you may not have this problem, but i’ve noticed that if you dont keep your hands in line with the yo-yo when it’s flipping, it’ll cause the yo-yo to tilt a bit, which will affect the spin time, so make sure you’re hands aren’t a foot apart like i do it :smiley:

(Mark) #8

To help you. Relax and just put your finger under the string in a fashion that it is perpendicular with the string and parallel with the ground. Then just move your hand calmly towards the yoyo (away from you) as you practice, then use the momentum of the yoyo when you put your finger on the string to guide it and land it on the string.

I hope you understand this :wink: