Unresponsive Bind

Ok, so I bought a yo-yo and found out after I got it that it is an unresponsive, I thought ‘no prob, I’m an over achiever’ and despite my 100% noob status, I thought I’d figure it out. but omfg wth am I doing wrong >.< I got the bind to work like half of a time. I got the yoyo to wind about halfway back up the string. Any time I try to catch it, it stutters and stops. I have tried watching youtube videos but well meh.

Any tips? How do I see what direction my yoyo is spinning so I know which way to hop it? I am so noob I am sorry if this is dumb >.<

Don’t worry same thing with me at first I said “it looks easy to bind” it took me over a day to learn to bind lol Trick is to pinch and pull together slowly. Don’t worry it takes practice. If it slips more then twice switch sides on the yoyo. A regular sleeper is front and breakaway is backwards. It’s harder to explain then I thought lol.


I have no idea what I was doing differently other then the fact that I was playing outside instead in. I dunno, but I am shooting for three times in a row but have only been able to get two. YAY LEARNING!

Yoyotricks.com and yoyoexpert both have great videos on how to bind

Strong sleepers will help too, that way you have time to do your trick and still have enough momentum for that bind to kick in and pull the yoyo back up.

I know your pain it took me 2 months to learn to bind on a sleeper put your middle finger in front of the string and basically do a reverse brain twister mou and cross the 2 string. Hope this helped!