Binding inconsistency

Welp, It’s a really beginner thing, I have down some easy tricks like braintwisters, elihops, kinda, barrel rolls and similar stuff, but my binds kinda suck, not in terms of style, but simple efficiency. My yoyo is supposedly unresponsive, although since I tried some sort of thin lube, which tunred out not so thin, it sometimes gets back from a strong tug. When I bind from an overmount , especially when the yoyo isn’t spinning as hard, the string simply doesn’t bite, I do exactly what every binding tutorial says, I’ve tried crossing the strings, I tried pinching the string, but still most of the time the yoyo just barely grasps on the string and continues to sleep, which is surprising, considering I can pretty much get it back with a rly strong tug sometimes… :smiley: advice ?

This aint gonna be the advice you want to hear… but practice makes perfect. I am reasonably sure that every yoyoer has struggled with binding when they first start. Including me. Just practice. Trust me, you’ll get it.

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When teaching people to bind I really try to show them how a bind works to get the yoyo back to their hand in the first place. To do this I tell people to cross the string, pinch the loop with their non-throw-hand, and slowly lower that loop into the yoyo gap by moving their non-throw-hand towards the yoyo. This will start to cause the yoyo to start catching on the string, and often times people can start to feel the yoyo catching, and once that starts happening, that’s when you let go of the string, or even flick it down, and pull up with your throw-hand. There’s a fine line of timing that needs to be practiced with binds, like anything. Of course once you get practice with this, snappier binds are quicker to do, but to just get the feel of binding consistently this is what I recommend. If a video would help to show you I could probably get one done later today, but my recordings are low quality just a warning :P.

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Thanks all, i practiced all day long, well, kinda :smiley: and came to the conclusion I should only pull my throw hand up, which led to tight and clean binds :slight_smile: really happy


What YoYo are you using???

Don’t laugh, magic yoyo N12 and T5, and yea, I’ve come to the realisation the pads aren’t the best and sometimes you need harder binds, but I’ve gotten quite a few tricks these days, so I think for the price it’s pretty much one of the best beginner metals.