Bind Returns??

I’m at the point where I’m starting to learn a lot of advanced tricks. But I’m having trouble binding! Just everything about it, it won’t come back to my hand, and when it does it usually gets knots! Any suggestions. I have a dark magic.

That’s weird. Try getting the hand non throw hand closer to the yoyo when you rbing it into the gap and make sure your yo-yo is tight. Somtimes i get knots if the bind is too good and the striing just get’s stuck in there. I went threw that, somtimes you just have to do it 2 times.

See if these help and maybe tighten your gap. (see binding and the different views) (with hi-speed camera)

Hope they help!

I agree with Mitchell. However, try to loosen the gap a little, then bind, and make sure you use a large loop. Also, while you insert the loop into the gap, make sure you tug up hard with your throwhand. I will try to make a tutorial for you soon. It may be up today, or tomorrow, but I will post it on this thread.

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Mount in the opposite direction the yo-yo is spinning.
Push loop into gap

make sure you’re pulling the loop downwards hard, and pulling your throw hand upwards hard. They are not too hard to get the hang of.

If you are doing a sleeper throw, do a trapeze bind so u dont get a knot, and if you’re doing a trapeze throw, do a braintwister bind.

what people usually dont do properly is Pulling Down Hard.

Ok, not sure if I should post this, but let’s see what happens…

When learning bind returns, it’s just as simple as a poster above made it out to me.

Throw, then mount opposite of the spin direction.
Drop loop into gap.
Catch returning yoyo.
Victory dance.

But I’m sure you already knew this.


I have never seen the need for any sort of “pull down/pull up hard” techniques. When I bind, it’s about as “delicate” as anything else I do with the yoyo. My returns are quick, reliable, and will often happen 100’s of times over before I create a snag, a rare event for me.

Quite frankly, my throwhand normally doesn’t even move, let alone push or pull, when I bind. My offhand just pulls the loop towards by body slightly, drops into the gap, and then goes into it’s victory dance as my TH catches the returning yo.

I have personally never thrown a yo that required any sort of firm or hard movements to cause an accurate and reliable bind return. From Lyns, DMs, and PGMs, to 888s. Not a one.

My advice to you would be to just sleep, mount up, and then slowly and gently begin to lower the loop into the gap. Leave your throwhand just as it is. You should, at some point approaching the gap, feel the yo begin to bind. Depending on the yo, this may happen relatively close to the gap. You may feel like you’re about out of loop. Don’t worry, just keep going down, with a slight pull of the loop towards your body.

Depending on the response you’re playing with, the bind might actually feel like a sudden “pop” when it happens. With just a little practice, you’ll be able to do this smoothly, gently, and quickly, predict when it’s going to happen, get your offhand finger out of the way, and land a smooth snag-free return.

I suppose the best way to describe this as simply as possible would be to say “let the yo bind itself.” I hope this makes sense. :frowning:

As a note to the curious, I’ve attempted the “hard push/pull” stuff when binding. For me, it seems to have little point, and often leads to snags or failed binds.

Maybe it’s just me, though.

I have to agree with DocRobot here. When i bind with me speedmaker there is absolutely no need for pulling. What i mean is the key to good binding is the feel. You have to feel when the string grabs and react. My O-ring starts to make a squeaking noise when the yoyo binds, so i’ll always know when to drop the string into the gap. It won’t take a lot of practise until your binds are snag free.

Okay, i just tried and just letting it “bind itself” works. lol i pull hard because i saw somewhere in the forums when i was learning binding, andre said pulling down hard helps. Anyways, pulling down just helps u get the feel of it better,then u can do it gently when u get pro. Btw, when the yo is losing speed, you might need to pull hard.

Like I said, there may be something to it. In fact, I’m sure there is. Lots of people do it, including Pros. I just never did it while learning, and still don’t. This suggests that it’s not a necessary component to learning or performing.

If someone is having trouble learning something, and we give them as many tested options as we can, ONE of them is bound to stick and work, right? :wink:

DocRobot, your post helped me quite a bit. I couldn’t bind for the life of me, but now I’m letting the yoyo bind itself. Eventually I hope to be able to bind even when the yoyo isn’t moving very fast. But being able to bind at all is a relief. Thanks for the post.

When i started learning to bind they told me to pull my nonthrow hand into the gap.  I did that and it worked but, i got a axle knot.

It helps me not to pull down so much.

Watch as this guy in the video doesn’t pull it down to far so he doesn’t get a axle knot.  Let the Yo-Yo and the string do the work.  Remember you still have to pull with your throwhand to get it back up.  It helps for compititions, and you for not getting hit in the face by the axle knot.

YoYoSkills Tutorial by Jeremy Gelman

You are very welcome!

I’m glad that I could help!

You should pull the bind in a tight, quick motion,
and you should pull the yoyo up as it catches the string.
Also, don’t let go of the string until your finger is
below the yoyo just slightly. And remember:
th bind should be a smooth, quick, tight motion.