Binding HELP

Ok, about the topic. I’ve learned all Intermediate tricks but Ripcord and Binds. I can’t seem to get the Bind though…
So, in the video of binding, he says that this one bind is better to use than the others b/c you don’t get knots. I find that true, but he says it would shoot back to yoru hand immediately? I try it and sometimes it shoots back, but most of the time it doesn’t. (Where I throw a sleeper, swing it onto my finger into a backwards trapeze, and pull down towards me with the two strings) And I make sure I pull the strings down really well…
Any tips would help!

make sure to pinch a little as well. it’s just really a trial and error thing, my friend. you’ll find the sweet spot eventually. so keep at it.

“pull down”? Which video(s) are you learning from?

The most reliable and easy bind is a front bind that is for some bizarre reason called a “fake bind”. Nothing fake about it: get the loop going in front of the yoyo, pinch at the top, and pull back/up on your THROW HAND, which will feed the loop into the gap. Don’t let go until it binds.

Some people think (and have even been told by respected throwers!) to “throw” or “drop” the loop into the gap. You don’t need to do that. Pull back on the throw hand, let the yoyo bind, and then just get your non-throw-hand out of the way as it comes up. :wink:

Not to say there aren’t binds with throwing or dropping, or that it’s not a viable alternative. But it’s a sure path to snaggy binds for the new player to bind returns.

I thought you only pinch on a fake bind…