A new way to bind.... I think

Here is a different way to bind…or at least from the way I do it is. Don’t get mad if it is the same though.


That’s actually how i first learned it. :slight_smile:

I actually think it is smoother and easier that way

This is how I learned to bind and how I always bind when I need to “reset” the yoyo. It produces a smooth follow-up throw 99.9% of the time.

The “throwing the loop backwards” method is too snaggy for me.

I think even a great many advanced players still don’t fully understand how or why a bind works and remain satisfied with the “throw or drop the loop” method, but once you do the “pulling on the throwhand” method, the mechanics behind a bind suddenly become clear and every other bind starts to seem snaggy and unreliable by comparison. :wink:

You can do it off the trapeze as well. This is a bind I’ve seen in many videos, although I don’t know its name or have a video link onhand (just saying, it seems common enough): pop off the trapeze and swing around the NTH. But instead of going all the way up and around the finger for the undermount, you bring the throwhand down and raise the NTH slightly, intercepting the yoyo with the length of string going towards the throwhand. Allow your throwhand to continue under the yoyo and then move the throwhand upwards (in short, you’re in a sideways version of the same front mount at this point) to complete the “pulling up on the throwhand” style of bind.

Are you describing a skybind? Anyhow, I thought the correct way to bind is the way shown in this video, you pinch then pull up a bit with your TH and you can feel the string catch. Most of the time when I try just “throwing” the loop into the gap it doesn’t really work very well. I kinda do a combination of both.

They already exist, called fake binds. Invented by Josh Yee.

huh well TIL


OH sorry, sometimes I forget I’m not on reddit >.<
TIL = Today I Learned

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TIL, also!

To me, “Fake Binds” should be called “Real Binds” and so-called normal binds should be called “Snaggy binds”. :wink:

The video I learned it from didn’t refer to it by that name and also took for granted that feeding into the gap (rather than throwing into the gap) is the way a bind works best.

So weird that it’s called a “Fake Bind”. :wink:

HLC: no, not sky bind. I’m describing a method whereby the yoyo still stays below the hands more or less. It’s a sideways “Fake Bind” more or less, coming off the trapeze (so, more “momentum” to it than a frontstyle fake bind, but the string still does more or less the same thing).

I think almost everyone has learnd this bind first, good try tho! :wink:


I thought that fake binds are forced binds. Cause the strings is forced to catch, not really working smoothly with the response to bind, hence the occasional snag.

Abby, I don’t think I’ve seen you bind like this in any of your videos. You go for the very fast “throw backwards” bind, which in my opinion results in more snags than is strictly necessary!

Bcmaddog, I would be very surprised if this was everyone’s first bind. Frontstyle bind, yes, but by pulling up on the throwhand, I have my doubts. I’m still pretty new to throwing, and I remember very vividly that almost all tutorials did NOT emphasize this (focusing instead on manipulating the loop one way or another) and that I only stumbled across is by luck.

Nosir, it’s the opposite. “Fake binds” are what I consider proper real binds, working with the laws of physics to do what a bind is meant to do; and they almost never snag. Crossing the string and dropping the loop, or throwing the loop backwards… way WAY snaggier.

Of course with practice, you can achieve relatively good consistency with any of your chosen binds, but the “Fake Bind” is practically foolproof and virtually snagproof.

Yeah that would help a little however I can do the fake bind and sky bind an laceration.