Fake Binds


Any Tutorials? I can’t seem to make it work.


The term “fake bind” has been used to refer to binds whereby you pinch the string and pull back on the throw hand until it grabs…

Also known in my books as, “proper binds”. :wink:

Is this that the kind of bind you’re referring to? Here’s my go-to tutorial for binds, and I have been told that what Dave does here is sometimes called a “fake bind”. He just calls it a bind. I just call it a bind. I have no idea why it’s referred to by some as a “fake bind”. Weird name in my opinion.

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That’s how Dave taught me to bind. I never slip them anymore.


Nope. That’s not what I’m talkin bout.


I’m talking about the bind invited by Josh Yee.


Pm him. His username on here is HaruRay. I’m sure he’d be happy to help you out :smiley:


I used to think it could only be done on responsive yoyos or at least yoyos with smaller gaps but the truth is you can do it on pretty much any yoyo. My tip is that try to pinch the string and when you bring the loop down at first do it slowly then suddenly speed up

Hope that helps


That is a fake bind… Thats the bind in gregs video. The yoyo wiki claims he came p with it but im sure many others have done it before, he was probably just thefirst one to bring it up idk. But gregs video is exactly a fake bind. Same as a normal bind but you pinch the string.