Binding question

When you bind the yoyo, are you suppose to touch the string with your thumb? Is there anything bad about fake bind?

kind of not really. As for the fake bind i dont think theres anything bad about it. I remember before i would fake bind because i didnt really know how to bind until i learned eventually how so if fake binds work for you go for it!

You dont have to touch it to your thumb, and fake binds are good for to learn regular binds, on a regular bind you want to pull the string on your non-throw hand back and pull the string on your hand up at the same time time its weird to explain it but you’ll notice what i’m saying when get the hang of it, hope this helped.

so when you make the loop on your non throw hand, you throw the loop back (towards yourself)? or down

yes, towards yourself then down and the yoyo should come right up

Exactly, and kinda tug the string of your Throw hand and it should come right up

i always try to fake bind because it doesnt get the string knotted

I’m still confused as to why its called a fake bind. It still binds the yoyo right?

As long as you get the yoyo to come back to your hand and the next throw doesn’t result in s snag

I don’t know why it’s called a fake bind either, but it is what it is. Why are metal rimmed yoyos sometimes called bi-metal yoyos? Bi-metal yoyos have two metals, such as the Catch22.

If you can bind, you can bind. End of story. But if you have to throw in a knot to bring it back, that’s a no no.

Totally agree. I don’t understand why that particular bind got called a fake bind. You are binding the string up in the gap of the yoyo. Just not as much as you would if you came all the way around. Then we have the "double bind” when we go around twice and even the “triple” bind for those crazy huge gap yoyos! :slight_smile: Its all just semantics. Use whatever bind works for you and the yoyo you are using.